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Avoid Common Photography Mistakes

The readily available cameras in our smartphones have turned everyone into photographers. Many people think photography is all about focusing your camera on something and pressing click. But that is not true. The more you get into the art of photography, the more you uncover its hidden details. Photography is a very wide subject. It has so many elements that together make a photo come out alive. Knowing all of them is not necessary to take a good photo. But there are certain common mistakes that you should avoid to capture better shots.

Creative Composition

This is one of the most common mistakes that many beginners do in photography. Do not try to including everything that is in front of you in your image. Consider your frame in mind and position yourself in such a way with which you can capture that frame best. Leave the unimportant details in the photo and focus more on your main subject.

Crop Notice: Proposition

This is another typical thing that most of the people do in starting. While capturing a photo make sure you are covering the subject fully without leaving any important part of it. Sometimes while capturing a model, photographers tend to focus so much on the upper part, they fail to notice that they have cut the model’s feet from the photo. It looks silly in the photo. A good way to avoid it is to distribute your frame in proportions and then click.

Focus Goals

This happens when we do not give enough time to our cameras that it needs to capture the image. Often, when we are in a hurry to click a lot of shots we tend to make this mistake. You can prevent this by giving the required time to your camera to focus on the subject properly before pressing the shutter release.

Multi-Angle Shots: Perspectives

We all make this mistake at some point in our life. We select the subject, develop our frame, let the camera focus, and click. And just to be sure we click a lot of photos of our subject if in case one does not come out well. But we forget to change our viewpoint. All the photos now look the same and there is no variety in them. Usually, we make this mistake while taking photos of non-living objects. Experiment with your camera angles and take photos from different locations to get better pictures.

Reset your last settings

This is a mistake that most of the newbies in photography makes. On an outdoor shoot, we adjust the camera settings accordingly and click photos. After the photoshoot, we keep the camera as it is. The next time we go on a shoot we forget to reset the last settings and keep on capturing photos. It comes to our notice only when we look at the photos on the computer. But it is too let now. Make it a habit to always check your camera settings before going for a photoshoot.

Improper post-production

After capturing the photos there comes the post-work, that is, editing part. It is where you make or break your picture. One of the common mistakes that people do is that they either do not do it at all or do it too much. In both cases, you can end up damaging your photo. To make your photos look good it is important to edit certain things in it and provide it a more polished look. But keep in mind that you have to do it in moderation otherwise your picture will end up looking unrealistic.

Photography is both an art and a skill. The easier it looks on the outside the more demanding it is on the inside. But the key is not to get panic. To click good pictures you need to enjoy its process. Have fun with your camera. Go and explore the world with it, you never know when you can come up with a great photo!

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” - Edward Steichen



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