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Capture Your Timeless Shot

Timeless photos have a great buzz in the photography industry. A timeless photo is the one that separates itself from the rest by connecting its viewers beyond the boundaries of time. Where most photos lose their value with a certain period, a timeless photo retains its unique worth regardless of the era it was captured.

Have you ever wondered what makes a photo timeless? We will dive into that shortly but first of all, let’s understand what timelessness actually means. Timeless photography is all about describing the elements of your photograph just as they are. Meaning they do not depend on the need to appeal or to be relevant. It is a photograph of one that does not fade away with trends rather establishes itself in a way that stands ahead of the concept of time. A great shot tells a story. But a timeless photograph makes that story alive for ages.

Want to make your next photograph timeless? Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind while clicking your next big shot-

Recognize Right Opportunities

A photograph taken without any planning or concept will hardly connect itself with its viewer. It may appeal to them for the time being but will eventually fade away with time. So, for capturing a timeless photo you need to identify the perfect moments. It is in those flashes that true emotions are captured. Give your subject the time that it needs to be at ease. When your subject is comfortable, there occur moments that your subject will naturally reflect its values, and at that moment, you capture your timeless shot.

Understand Subject

For capturing a photo that tells a story first you need to understand that tale yourself. You need to be able to connect with your subject. Make them feel candid. Be patient while your subject adjusts itself for its natural rhythm. Every subject has its unique characteristics. You need to understand them and value them totally. It is only after establishing that perception you will truly be able to capture their story. Understanding them will help you find a unique narrative angle that you would want to portray through your images.

Focus on Details

A picture that stands the test of time is one that is heavily focused on its micro details. It is those features that make your story perfect. So you need to make sure that all the details captured in your photo synchronize with the fantasy that you want to communicate through it. For instance, the clothes worn by your model should not be such that they reflect a time trend. Because then, your viewer will easily identify when the photo was captured and will start associating it with that time period. So make sure that your little details participate with your story of timelessness not against it.

Purpose of the Composition

A timeless photo should compose only those elements that have a role to play in it. Remember, every little aspect of your photograph has the power to revise the complete essence of it. So, make sure that everything that is in your frame is there to add value to it. A single vague element can disturb the entire flow of your creatives. You need to add only those elements that boost your story. The rest all is noise. So, eliminate it mercilessly.

Emphasize on the Flow

A photo is as good as the progress of ingredients it leads. While capturing the photo put great emphasis on all the factors that determine this flow such as lightning, color, frame, space, etc. Forget about the conventional ways in which you see most of the photographs around you. Find your own style that suits the concept best. Your photograph needs to inculcate an emotion in your onlooker. So, the course of the shot will help them to get influenced by the image quickly and connect with it.

Always Be Ready

This may sound very general but its one of the most important tips that you can follow. Oftentimes, great moments occur before our eyes but we miss to capture them because we were not ready. In photography, it is all about capturing that perfect moment and to do so you always need to be ready and equipped. Make sure that you always carry your camera with you, wherever you go. Don’t forget to pack those extra sets of batteries-in case your battery exhausts. Be intimately familiar with the in and out of your equipment. So that your camera settings do not mess up with the quality of the photograph you are about to take.


Follow these tips when you go on your next expedition to capture that perfect timeless photo. Capturing a story or an emotion with your camera is what timelessness is all about.

Happy clicking!

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” — Robert Frank


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