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Coffee & Social Media: Modern Age Comfort

A rough day at work or a squabble with a spouse, a cup of coffee sets the mood right!

Having a creative block or feeling choked under stress, a cup of coffee will ease it all!

Hot, cold, creamy, or black, if it is coffee, it does the magic! There is a mystery hidden in that little bean that evolves and grows into the world’s most beloved beverage. With a stir of sugar or not, the choice is yours, happiness packed in a mug in your hand! Coffee popularised among the millennials. Coffee-break cracks through the negative thinking barriers and gives the needed thought clarity. Many broken relations mended, the tough presentation gets cracking, all after a coffee break! Sky feels the limit!

Hey, coffee isn’t the sole star performer, it comes with a cool companion - social media. Never say alone, when you are alone. The world is methodically into various social media applications. Nobody is ever alone anymore. Modern social media platforms have broken the taboos of privacy and redefined socializing. Virtual clubs, virtual relations, virtual parties, and virtual scandals cover actual lives. Every person has two lives, one that he is physically, and the other he creates virtually.

There is a constant need for identification for many, especially amongst peers. Also, a need for appreciation has driven people towards social media. But social media is not the cunning fox! It is the malicious intentions of a few people that pose a threat. These few scattered around the humble public create a ruckus. Social media has broken the barriers of distance and banished the woes of travel. Meeting and sharing every second of our life with our loved ones living far away is now a click away. The adrenaline rush that surges through the body while active on social media, gets doubled with that strongly brewed coffee.

Wondering what could be the reason for this strong bond between coffee, media, and people? The increased awareness to adopt more sustainable ways of life. Healthy decisions, a need to help sustainable crops across the globe have seen a rise. When observed, every street has a coffee kiosk. Coffee shops welcome tired minds with their earthy aromatic coffee fragrance! Irresistible choices pamper customers, luring them to grab their mug of magical drink.

Every person, especially youngsters are swiftly moving towards healthy options. Even decaffeinated options are sought out. Lactose intolerance has grown amongst many. This paved way for the increased options of coffee. Other than the traditionally brewed coffee, more delicious options have been curated. From lattes, frappuccinos to french press and pour over, the options are innumerable.

In the end, it is a mesmerizing cup of caffeine. A cup that leaves one intoxicated with immense conviction to pursue your passion. It gives immense pleasure. It fills you with resilience to break the ice between people, to build conversations, to stay connected - virtually, too!

Truly said, “Great ideas start with a cup of coffee and a click!”


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