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Deja Vu - A Psychological Feeling!

“Deja-vu” is a French word meaning “ already seen”. Yes! It is the same weird feeling experienced by everyone at some point in their life, about having witnessed a currently happening incident. It is just a strong feeling from within us when we are in the midst of a particular event or moment, that gives us goosebumps! Saying aloud to us, “I feel I have been here!” or “I feel I experienced this moment earlier.” Eerie as it may sound, this is a phenomenon beyond science, an experience that cannot be comprehended by normal minds!

Some interesting fun facts about Deja vu are -

  • This happens mostly to youngsters between the ages of 15 to 25 years. About 60% to 70% of people are prone to experience this in their lifetime.

  • There is an opinion amongst psychoanalysts that Deja vu is merely wishful thinking.

  • Whereas spiritualists and parapsychologists opine that this is a probable symptom of the individual which occurs due to his recollection of previous births. This is an issue of controversy as re-birth is a topic of belief and faith.

  • Science professionals look at the experience as a glitch between short term memories and long term memories.

The exact reason behind this occurrence had been under research and study. But every profession and every field substantiates it in a different manner.

There is not much correlation between any of the explanations provided. Except for approaches backed up by science and psychologists. They refer to a deja vu as a memory glitch caused due to a mismatch of input from the brain and that which is perceived in reality.

Human memory is based on recollection and familiarity. When an incident is actually experienced, the human recognition memory based on recollection would later on instantly use that memory to associate with the things involved in the experience. We instantly recollect an experience of seeing certain things or when in certain places.

The human recognition memory based on familiarity is when the experience seems familiar but we cannot exactly correlate it to the new experience. The new experience may strongly resemble a previously occurred incident when compared to various parameters. But we cannot totally confirm both the experiences to be the same.

This dream-like surreal experience has many citable causes behind it. Though the experience in itself is quite a thrill to the person, the reasons behind it are furthermore thrilling!

  • When a situation occurs, it triggers a quick deep response from the brain. But if the pathways in the brain respond in a relatively lesser speed than the normal expected speed. One experiences what is called a deja vu.

  • When the brain has fuzzy memories of the old experiences because they had never been discussed or revisited even as a memory. This lack of touch with the previous experience causes a hazy memory of the past experience. So even if an incident hasn’t actually occurred previously our brain gives the feeling that we have seen or felt it somewhere.

  • Of course, unfortunately, when an individual is having a medical condition like epilepsy, in the initial stages they tend to have deja vu experiences. In such cases, the other symptoms should be observed and medical attention should be sought immediately.

  • Sometimes, strangely the brain does not store memory in full or leaves it in total. So when certain instances occur the brain strongly makes us believe that we have been there or meet those people. But never to be sure! These are like funny memory hiccups!

Dejavu is mostly experienced by people who travel often and those fondly remember their dreams. Why? Nobody knows why!

Paranormal or scientific, the studies and research on the actual reasons behind deja vu are being studied. Every region has its own typical explanation to correlate a deja vu. At least what can be said with confidence is that it is not a scary experience that we should panic about.

“Aah! I feel I had written and discussed this earlier too!.” Deja vu...


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