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Dr. SOMU SIVABALAN - Gem of a Doctor!

Dr. Somu Sivabalan is a renowned Pediatrician & Pulmonologist with over two decades of experience. He is among the most expert doctors in Chennai and is currently serving as a consultant at Child Trust Hospital. Dr. Somu Sivabalan is an alumnus of the Manipal Institute of Higher Education. Besides this, he has also done fellowship training in Australia and the United Kingdom. He is a master of his skills and his numerous awards and recognitions speak for it themselves. He was conferred the Best Doctor Award by the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai, for his exemplary contribution in the field of medical health service in the year 2012. In the same year, he was also honored with the prestigious award of ‘Fellow of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (FIAP)’ for his outstanding contributions to the field of Child Health, Pediatric Education, Research, Development of Sub-specialities, Medical Publications, and Community Pediatrics.

Prior to this, Dr. Somu Sivabalan was also conferred with Visiting Fellowship by Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) in 2011. He was also elected as the Fellow of College of Chest Physician (FCCP) by the American College of Chest Physician (ACCP), the USA in the same year.

The list of the achievements of Dr. Somu Sivabalan does not end here. He is an active member of various national and international Pediatric forums & bodies. He has published numerous articles in various journals. He has also authored many textbooks for health sections.

Dr. Somu Sivabalan believes in the motto of “Prevention is better than Cure” and always advises his patients to exercise and take proper care of their health so that they can resolve the maximum of their health issues without medical assistance. For Dr. Somu Sivabalan, his patient’s concerns always come first. More than the reports, he pays attention to his patient’s feelings and listen carefully to their issues and then devises his treatment accordingly. He establishes a connection of trust with his patients and considers their comfort as his first priority. Perhaps, this is the reason that he is the most favorite doctor among children.

He is very humble and down to earth person. His patient’s best interests are always at his heart. He is an instructor and a mentor to young medical practitioners. He does guest lecturing on occasional seminars and projections at medical colleges & other relevant forums.

Dr. Somu Sivabalan is a great advocate of physical health. He is a fitness freak. Every weekend, he can be spotted running beside a beach. He is a nature admirer and loves to spend his mornings under the morning sun breathing fresh air. He advises all his patients to do some form of physical exercise to keep their bodies fit and healthy.

He believes that his service to his patients is his real religion and therefore, even during the time of coronavirus he did not hesitate to perform his duties of treating his patients. He devoted himself completely to their service. But unfortunately, he himself got infected by the novel coronavirus aka COVID 19 during the process. Great souls are always be protected by God. With his patient’s prayers and people’s well-wishes, he bounced back after 15 days of home quarantine treatments. With God’s grace, he is safe and sound now. It is rightly said that “Good people redesign the history” and Dr. Somu Sivabalan is living proof of that.

Dr. Somu Sivabalan is an epitome of bravery, courage, and nothing but goodness in his heart for his patients. He is an exemplary doctor and an excellent human being. We all should learn the lessons of optimism and devotion to one’s purpose in life from this kind of soul.

Be active and take charge of your health today. Go for a morning jog or do some physical exercises at home or hit the gym and whatever you deem fit. But be in full control of your physical health so that the purpose of people like Dr. Somu Sivabalan gets fulfilled and valued!

Today is his birthday, Muthu Krishnan & Team dedicate this article to him for his successful lifesaver journey and wish him the best!

Dr. Somu Sivabalan said, “Doomsday is just another life’s day until you’re active & optimistic, stay fit & energetic always!”


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