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Eye Make-Up Tips For Those Beautiful Eyes

Eyes are the passage to get to the spirit of a person. A study suggests that the no.1 thing that attracts a man towards a woman is her eyes. They are the first thing that people notice when they look at you. And you wouldn’t want to miss that opportunity to attract people in the first glance.

There is a multitude of ways with which you can accentuate your eyes. From mascara to the liner, shadow to contour, and highlight the list of products is endless. And it can get pretty confusing at times. But don’t worry because there are some tips and tricks that can make your eyes stand out. Let’s get to them.

Eye Products Application

Before we begin with the tips, it is important to understand where each product goes on/around your eyes. You need to start by applying a base eye shadow on your eyelids. Then put on some darker shade in your eye crease. It will add depth and dimension to your eyes. Now apply some super-dark eyeliner on your lash line to make your eyes appear thick and voluminous. Lastly, add a pinch of highlighter to make your brows pop.

Curl Your Eyelashes

Applying mascara is an easy way to make your eyes look bigger and give them a definition. But using an eyelash curler to curl your eyes can really open them up and take your eye game to another level. Make sure that you curl your eyelashes before applying mascara otherwise the product will create a mess in your eye area.

Use Two Mascaras

Using two mascaras one for lengthening and one for thickening can really make your eyelashes stand out. Apply the thickening formula at the base of your lashes to give them a fuller look. Afterward, apply the lengthening formula from the middle to end tips to add length. Add some of it to the outer lashes for extra flair.

Apply Nude Liner

If your eyes are feeling a bit tired and sloppy consider using a nude shade of eyeliner around your waterline. It will provide an instant brightness to the eyes and give an illusion of wider and bigger eyes.

Define Your Brows

Shaping your eyebrows can instantly make your face look 10x times more beautiful. And this is something that I see most of the women ignoring. Ladies, filling your brows can be tricky but that does not mean that you ignore them.

Try this simple method- Brush your brows upwards with a spoolie. Then carefully fill in the gaps with a shade lighter than your natural brow color. Don’t fill in the tip of your brows as it can look too harsh. Once you are done with filling, brush once again and you are good to go.

Use Concealer on Eyelids

If your eyelids are a little reddish or pale, it can make your eye shadow shade look different. To avoid this, apply a quick layer of concealer on your eyelids to even out its complexion. Now it’s ready to apply eye shadow. You can also skip the eye shadow if you want to go with a natural look.

Eye Makeup can be tricky sometimes. But with these tips and tricks, you would be able to avoid those make-up mistakes that were ruining your eye look. Keep in mind to go slow and take your time while you are applying your eye products. A 2 minutes hurry can create a mess that will take another 10 minutes to clean up. So, be careful while doing your make up and don’t forget to enjoy the process. It is after all there to make you feel good & beautiful.

Keep those eyes glowing!

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” - Sophia Loren


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