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Fitness Tips From The Past Centuries

There is a visible disparity between the people of previous and today's generation. Though the 21st century always stands ahead whenever people discuss development but it lags far behind in the matters of health. People of the past were stronger, healthier, and tougher as compared to today's generation. There are numerous reasons for this. Their traditional lifestyle was the No. 1 cause of their fitness.

Today we have a lot of comfort and convenience in our lives. And this is making us lazy and unhealthy. If you ever sit with your grandmother she would tell you stories of how they used to fetch water from far away wells. There were no instant water taps in their time as we have today. Their lifestyle had a lot of physical work, organic eating, and simple living. This has contributed to their overall fitness immensely. Today our fitness regime is limited only to the gym and dieting. And we all know how effective they truly are!

Here are some time-tested ways that people followed in previous generations to stay fit. Adopting them will definitely benefit you as well.

1) High-Quality Food

The food we consume decide our body type. In past years people had healthy and pure food free from all toxic chemicals. It helped boost their immune system and made them fit and fine naturally. But in this era, we eat more junk food, fruits, and vegetables that are produced artificially, full of chemicals and toxic fertilizers. They show adverse effects on the body and make us unhealthy.

Try consuming as much organic food as you can. Stay away from deep-fried and processed foods. Clean the fruits and vegetables properly to remove all the pesticide residue before eating.

2) Give time to your body

Home chores, a long walk, cycling, etc are all we have seen in the pictures of past people. They walk kilometers to travel from one location to another which makes their body harder and tougher. Their body can bear most of the problems with a smile which rarely can be seen in today's generation who don't have time for their body in their busy work schedule.

Set aside time for a fitness routine. Try to inculcate one morning or evening walk as a habit. Instead of using automobiles, go on foot to your nearby shopping stores. These little changes now can make a big difference later.

3) Live your best with no stress

What a days those were! Our past generations had very stress-free living. It is sadly missing in our so-called modernized world. Almost every person today is eaten up by stress in one way or the other. Our high desires are the prime reasons for all our tensions. In past years, people were having simple living and least desires which made them happy internally. This is the secret behind their long-living and disease-free life.

Try to simplify your life just like those people. Focus more on experiences than success. Do not give much importance to material wealth as it comes and goes. Instead, concentrate on character building as it stays with you forever.

4) "Rest", they considered best

Rest is what people these days are seeking. But hardly give it to their bodies. They are so occupied in achieving success that they forget the fact that their body has its limitations. Rest is necessary for our bodies to work and move ahead. Old people knew it’s real value. They considered rest as an investment to their bodies to make it fit and well. Instead of focusing only on one thing, they manage all things equally and rendered enough rest to their bodies to make it ready to push further.

Today, the need of the hour is to re-understand the forgotten importance of slowing down in life. We need to allow ourselves to fail. Life is not a race where you compete with others. You don’t need to come first in everything that you try. The key is to enjoy the little processes of life. In the end, it always makes sense even if you are struggling now.

They say - Old is Gold. This is the supreme truth of our lives today.

We need to learn a lot from our previous generations. They were truly the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time). And embracing their lifestyle techniques through the above-described tips is a great start!

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