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Homemade Mango Ice-Cream

It’s Mango Season! The favorite season of all the foodies out there. We know how much you love mangoes. And how desperately you all wait the whole year for this time. But guys, the good news is that your wait is over now. The market is flooded with hundreds of varieties of mangoes. You can choose and pick anyone you like. The best part about mangoes is that you can have it anytime in any manner and it is going to give you that same indulging pleasure every time to taste it.

Mangoes can be eaten in different ways. You can eat them raw and enjoy their little tickle of sourness or you can eat them ripe and relish their sweetness. Mangoes are also cooked and eaten as veggies in some parts of India and it is also used to make pickles. It is a one size fits all food that you can enjoy any way you like. Therefore, it is rightly called - The King Of All Fruits!

In the summer season when the heat is putting you down cold foods become a man’s best friends. Ice-creams are a true delight during this time. And eating your favorite fruit as an ice-cream is nothing less than bliss! Wondering how to make one? Don’t worry. We got you covered. Here is a simple and easy recipe to make mango ice-creams that are soon going to be your daily desserts delight.

Mango Ice-Cream Recipe

To make a mango ice-cream, you need three ingredients:

  1. Mangoes

  2. Fresh Cream

  3. Sugar


  1. Peel and Chop the mangoes and put them in a blender.

  2. Blend them till they get a smooth consistency.

  3. Add sugar as per your taste and blend again. You can also add vanilla extract for extra flavor. But it’s optional. If you don’t have one at home you can skip it.

  4. Take another bowl and put the cream in it.

  5. Whip it till the cream gets soft peaks in it.

  6. Add the blended mango pulp in the cream.

  7. Mix it gently and evenly.

  8. Pour the mixture into a container and refrigerate it for a few hours.

  9. Once the ice-cream is half-set take it out of the fridge.

  10. Whip the mixture again for extra volume.

  11. Put it again in the refrigerator till it’s fully set.

  12. Once done, take it out and serve with an ice-cream scoop.

So, that was your recipe for making a mango ice-cream. Easy, isn’t it? Now, don’t just read it and leave. Get set and go to the kitchen. Surprise everyone with this amazing ice-cream. And don’t forget to thank us when everyone appreciates your ice-cream. Sure, you can keep this recipe source a secret from your family. After all, who does not like a little applause from their family members and be seen as a hero? We feel you!

Now get up and get moving in your quest for making the best dessert in the world. You are definitely going to be the reason for a smile on people’s faces when they taste it.

Make every day Mangonificient!


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