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Monetize With is a booming platform for ads monetization on websites. In recent years, it has established itself as a great alternative to Google Ad Sense. All those people who have been slapped by Google Ad Sense due to their policies or are simply looking for other ways for monetization on websites can consider for their revenue generation. is an advertising company whose parent company is Yahoo and Bing. It offers many different ad pathways for your website and is superior to many other revenue generation methods for your websites. Let’s have a look at the fact sheet of the company.

Founded in - 2012

Language supported - English

Revenue model - CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA

Payment Method - Payoneer and Wireless Transfer

Minimum Payout - $100

Payment Terms - 30 days

Approval - Difficult

Suitable For - Product-based Website

Users - 500,000

Employees - 1300+

Pros of

Contextual Ads: is the 2nd largest network for contextual ads in the world. It shows content basis ads to the audience that your audience can connect to. For instance, if you have an automobile website it will show you ads related to cars.

Native Ads: Native Ads are a big part of These ads match the layout and design of your website and feel like a part of it. So, your audience does not feel bothered about it.

Mobile Responsive Ads: offers responsive ad creatives service to its users. It helps in resizing the ads according to the size of mobile or other devices on which your audience is surfing your website.

Display to Search (D2S) Ads: The D2S ad format is the one where display units are used for search type ads. The ad units have keywords in them and when a user clicks on those keywords, he/she gets redirected to search engine filled with ads. This type of ad format is available only for the users of where it filters the audience intent through the keyword. Advertisers bid higher for such ad spaces of publisher’s websites.

Account Rep Service: Every publisher who uses gets a dedicated account manager. You can connect to their support team anytime for any queries and help requirements. It is especially useful for people who are new to monetization services. These account managers provide you with meaningful suggestions tailored for your website needs which can contribute a lot in revenue maximization.

Cons of Media.Net

US Currency Payment: offers payments in USD only. Their payment model is either Payoneer or Wire transfer. Payoneer charges you conversion fee of up to 2.75% above the official mid-market rate at the time of payment. The minimum payout on this platform is similar to Google Adsense i.e. $100. You can not get paid until your ad revenue reaches that amount.

Approval Criteria: Getting approval from is a bit difficult. It does not approve every kind of niche. Content such as alcohol, ammunition, adult, violence, gambling, discriminatory, illegal, etc. is forbidden. It approves only those websites that have good and regular traffic on them. If your website starts getting some low-traffic they might flag you and suspend your account.

Double-Click For Ad Revenues: follows a two-way link-based ad revenue model. It means that when your ads get a click user will get redirected to another page. If the user clicks on the ad on that page also only then you will get revenue for the ad.

Set-Up Process-

  • Sign up on their website by filling in your details.

  • Your account will be under review. Approval generally takes 2 days.

  • Go to the dashboard and click Ad Units.

  • Click on create an Ad unit.

  • Choose ad size from available ones.

  • Choose skin. (It is an ad design which will update itself from time to time)

  • Customize the color palette according to the theme of your site.

  • Click Save and get code. is an easy to use platform. Once you create your account you do not have to worry much about anything else. Its dedicated support itself update your ads from time to time to generate maximum revenue for you. Your ads will be generated according to the content. pays $5 per 1000 impressions on your website. You can have 3 ads running per page. Overall, its services are designed in a way that lets you get the maximum possible revenue through ads. The best part is - you can use it with Google Ad Sense. A perfect combination of both these services can do wonders for your website’s income growth from ads.

Sign-up on its website and start utilizing its ultimate ad revenue growth services. In case of any assistance required, you always have the dedicated account rep from the platform. Start monetization on your website today itself with


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