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Moviebuff: Debate

“Film is one of the three universal languages, the other two: mathematics and music.” - Frank Capra.

Movies are a world of magic. They are the best escape mechanism for many people. A bag of popcorn and good movies can keep a person entertained for hours. Amidst this saga of love, there are people who turn away from movies. There are people who readily pass the verdict on every movie, every actor and director. Appreciation seems to be absent in their dictionaries. The sweetness of thoughts may have dissolved in their lives.

Wait, wondering why I am sounding angered?

Ah! You guessed it right! I am a movie buff, a sincere lover of movies. How can I stand the talk of movie haters and critics!

Jokes apart, movies and arguments are always trendy.

Nevertheless, if your opponent is a movie-buff. Then facing the wrath of their anger is dreadful and tiresome. Have you ever wondered what triggers these arguments?

Never wake up the sleeping dragon. You may be scorched in the heat of their fiery words!

True to their mad love for movies, movie-buffs cannot stand counter-arguments.

They would immediately shield the movies with their love.

Funny, huh! After all, they say love is blind!

Every family will have one such beautiful mind that falls crazily in love with this world of entertainment. Nothing would stop them from admiring and adoring cinema. Cinemas have survived the storms of changing times because of their love.

“Cinema is a matter of what is in the frame and what is out.”- Martin Scorsese

Four fatal questions that would land you into endless arguments, with movie buffs.

Interesting is it? Remember you are talking to me, a movie buff, inspired by movies every time I watch one.


“Hey, why do you go to theatres and watch movies? You are throwing money, it is all unreal!”

Daresay this to a movie-buff. You are likely to be murdered by their angry sympathetic looks!

Movie lovers are definitely aware that what they see on the big screen is unreal and unrealistic, too. But for the sheer joy of cuddling in the chairs of the theatre.

Mind you, we may have the most luxurious furniture at home! Lazily dump ourselves into the theatre chairs with bags of popcorn, we would still need extra in the break. Watching those characters of the story come to life with our beloved heroes, heroines, villains, artists. Magnificent scenes and background music playing through the Dolby stereo. Wow, that is pure bliss!

A state of ecstasy that cannot be perceived by those who do not love movies.

We love to spend that extra note and pamper our senses watching the big screen. Two and a half hours of pure bliss, nothing else comes to our mind, nothing else really matters.

“Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness.” - Pedro Almodovar


“Can’t you just buy the cd or the internet version? Watch it later when telecasted on tv channels, what is the emergency?

“Oh! Yet again, you are displaying your naiveness. We feel sorry for you. We feel sorry for your lack of color and excitement in your life.”

You would hear such irksome remarks from a movie buff. Don’t you like to eat hot, fresh food?

This is how they receive movies. Fresh from the director in the theatre. They would definitely re-watch it over the days, on television, or web. But, first come, first seen. It is a personal accomplishment by itself!

How would a pious devout person feel, when they offer the first prayer to their deity on an auspicious day! So blessed. It is a divine reassurance for them. Similarly, movie lovers, adore their movies. We await the release. Once dates are announced, no further delay in booking the show tickets for the first day.

An unexplainable feeling shrouds our hearts. Eyes brim with tears of satisfaction.

How can you understand the connection, when you cannot feel the love?

Get ready to be slammed with such remarks.

“There will always be movies meant that are meant for the big screen and they should be seen that way.”- Robert Englund


There are such good books. Why don’t you read sometimes? Always watching movies, some are just based on books! Huh.”

Do you know how many varieties of desserts are available? Have you thought of trying all of them? Are you happy enjoying your favorite sweet over and again?

Excuse me, please accept the beauty of variety. Choices are many, favorites vary for everyone. How can you judge a person based on his choice? We love movies, we do respect books. We also read once in a while. Every movie delivers the story penned by the author, through the director’s eye.

Do you know what “empathy” is? Movies make you empathetic. You connect with the message carried through the scenes. The emotion just pierces through your heart. Happy, joyful, thoughtful, thriller, suspense, horror, comedy, art movies, be it any segment.

Movies create long-lasting visual imprints. They stimulate change in a person.

Change of society begins with a change in an individual. Such depth of communication cannot be understood by closed minds. Preconceived notions dilute your understanding!


What lousy movies are those? Can’t they direct good movies? Inspiring biopics?

Who selects such a pathetic cast?”

Oh! Ye! They couldn’t direct that good movie you were talking about, because you are here! All the creative talent has been capsuled into your brain! Definitely nothing else around can suit your expectations!

Hope you understood the pun intended or do you need more?

Can you imagine sitting through hot sun and bone-chilling weather, just to get the perfect shot? Lousiness is not in the movies but in the thinking. Creation has its own imperfections just like you and me. But the beauty lies in accepting them.

Every story cannot revolve around richness or rags. There are umpteen facets of life to be covered. Thankless jobs are done by the entire crew in creating a whole new experience of movie watching without diluting the morals. The essence of the narrative comes to life with those “pathetic cast” as you shame them. They are not doing ramp walks. Most artists work hard and train themselves physically and mentally to fit into the character. They teach you the essence of the story subtly through their performances.

Imagine, you organized a brunch or a feast for your friends. Planned, procured, and prepared with so much zeal. After the entire meal, they just say - “ Hey! It was good. But we had the best brunch at that place during that time.”

How would you feel? Instead, if they say, “Such a lovely time together with such delicious food. You took so much effort. Love.” How does that sound?

A small gesture of recognition builds so much confidence and is also reassuring.

Of course, everyone tries to do his best not for praises but for satisfaction.

Great films too, are done with genuine intentions. They intend you to connect to hidden emotions of joy or pain, sadness, or hope. Cast and location would definitely be chosen accordingly!

Every movie is like a meal served with love, prepared with passion. Don’t judge them. We have different eating styles. Every style may not suit our palate. Movies too are similar.

“Acting touches nerves you absolutely have no control over.” - Alan Rickman

The argument can go on endlessly. I have loads of patience to explain to you. But there are two problems.

Firstly, you have made up your mind against movies.

Second and most importantly, I have movies to watch!

So, I bid you adieu!

“Everything I learned, I learned from the movies.” - Audrey Hepburn


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