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Ponmagal Vandhal - Tamil Movie Review

PONMAGAL VANDHAL is a gold-coated court drama with auto navigation on the screenplay. The film starts in a rush & moves drastically throughout the first half but the drive goes wild with no twist & turns so that it lacks us with a sore throat during this Corona aka COVID19 period. If this entire plot was released on or before the 90s then this film could have at least sustained. Maybe the crew was keen on doing a contentful film for the OTT platform with a focus on theatrical technology to enhance quality. Guess what’s next has no thirst in the future & well-displayed solutions have no point to deal with problems. Scriptwriters commence with the perspectives on an engaging storyline but writing makes more sense even than filmmaking as that induces real-time experiences.

Director JJ Fredrick’s debutant film PONMAGAL VANDHAL needs more focus & expertise with paper works. Must say that the film was technically decent with today’s budget-friendly technology & more unique utilization of every available aspect which includes landscapes, interior dimensions, sound design, digital intermediate (DI) & more on. Cinematographer Ramji is the real man behind this most artistic eye-grabbing visuals & I’m stunned from the very first opening frame to the end card of creative & professional footage. Editor Ruban could have chopped in the same size to maintain speed & deliverables more engagingly. Musician Govind Vasantha has done a playlist that plays in the background with unnoticeable hear.

Overflowing characterization with more time pulling sentimental dialogues of no influence. When we talk about artists in this film, there is no wonder that there are some actors who can brainstorm you even in a film of complete distraction. Yes, I really mean it! R. Parthibhan is a man who nailed it all the way with his excellence. The man takes the film all the way high with all his magical performances. Jyothika finetunes the plot till that fixes at a certainty & then hold’s the cloud tight from the fall of thunder but though the task was a bit harder she inputs some overreaction unknowingly. K. Bhagyaraj as Petition Pethuraj, Pandiarajan as Karpooram, Prathap Pothen as Judge & Subbu Panchu as DSP R. Alexander has done their part neatly. Thiagarajan as Varadharajan came up with silence & traveled in the same way, oops but even on climax ended up the same way as his role didn’t have character ideation.

PONMAGAL VANDHAL as fresh & top starer OTT Release could have been better on all the aspects. Lacks from scripting to making except the court arguments once cat & rat heads on the fight. This sensational content has been wasted with no use as the potential focus has gone to Family Friendliness instead of driving more darkness to a sunshine conclusion.

One Time is more enough for fans and quarantine joblessness!

RATING - 2.5/5


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