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PRO Blogger - Scratch to Success

What is a blog?

A blog is that delivers solutions, ideas, creatives, thoughts & more on to improve this world to a better universe. Blogging is also known as content marketing. An expert blogger is also an author in the sense of E-Knowledge. Anything & everything that we people surf online are from the blogs with references to the input of keywords that appears relevant to the search engines.

Who can become a blogger?

Yes, you can become a blogger as you’re here to find answers for your passionate blog in the near future! Anyone with interest can become a blogger & months or years can turn up a success story of internet history.

Does blogging cost you?

Probably nope, but certainly maybe. Okie, I’m not gonna confuse you rather provide clear values. All you need is a laptop or a desktop, even a smartphone would be perfect to manage your blog after initial design & setup is done. A blog can be a free one or a paid one which is complete of your choice. Free blogs are most preferred to start with & then gradually move on to a paid version for your unique identity. The only difference between free & paid blog is, it’s domain name & storage space. When we talk about domain names, I’ll show you an example of a paid one & free version for better understanding.


On a free domain, the brand name of the blog site host is an addition to your custom domain name.


On a paid domain, the custom domain is your only web address which does not promote any other brands or the blog site host.

How to create a blog?

There are a million sites that can support you on blogging stuff but the top & most used ones are always preferred. There are three major blog spots you can make use of to design & run successful blogs.


WordPress is on top choice for bloggers as it is more user friendly & not many technicalities to favor the blogger’s knowledge to create & run a blog site. Beginner to a pro blogger can drive through long ahead. WordPress does have a vast collection of ready themes.


Wix is known for its professionals & businesses. Wix websites are mastering SEO features to get your blog content on top of search engines. Ready templates & customizations are your power of creativity. Freestyle with barrier-free creatives is now possible with the support of Wix.

Google Blogger

Google Blogger is one of the easiest ways to become a blogger. You can promisingly count minutes to start yours today & launch a number of blog posts tirelessly. The more technicalities are not possible with Google Blogger but it does make you look simple & elegant.

These top 3 brands are the best blogging website builders as of June 2020. These websites do have excellence in supportive tools for creating your own unique blog in minutes. Ready to go are their user-friendliness. One of my favorite & common features is their mobile app which enables blogging on the go without the need of a laptop once the earlier setup is done.

How to manage a blog?

The more passionate start should not fly away in days or months of effort as the payday is anytime soon. Structure your timeline to release scheduled blog posts & keep your subscribers - followers in loops of impressions & engagements. Select a set of styles or topics for your blog to maintain the uniqueness of your expertise specialization. For example, your blog post deals with business, food, fashion, health, photography, lifestyle, social awareness, and anything else of your interest & mastering. Plan - Construct - Execute your blog releases timely structure with 2 - 3 blog posts per week & so on with reference to your convenience. The more you post is the more you deserve.

How to construct a blog post?

Each blog post should contain a catchy title, header, subheader, body as paragraphs, quotes, bulletins, images & a simply perfect conclusion. The entire post is to be aligned in proper flow from top to bottom for the reader’s delight.

How to populate your blog posts?

Invest more of your time & energy on this part as well as your content deliverables because what you post should reach the right & target audience to collaborate values. There are multiple ways to populate your postings. This entire process undergoes deeper digital marketing with the main focus on content-based marketing.

Steps to populate your blog:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • SEO - Keywords

  • Meta Description & Tags

Does blogging generate revenue?

This is one of the most searched questions on Google is that can a blogger earn from his/her blog. Yes, but how? When you run a blog of your own copyrighted contents then with the support of Google Adsense you can make money online by displaying ads in between your blog posts. There are varied perspectives on ad revenue, so they are CPM & CPC.

  • CPM - Cost Per Impression, which is that each time when someone views the ad on your blog will count to add in money value. Generally, it is weighed in a minimum of 1000 impressions only.

  • CPC - Cost Per Click, which is that each time when someone clicks the ad on your blog will count to add in money value. CPC is more profitable than CPM but it’s quite difficult to make someone click on ads as people are used to scrolling up & down simultaneously.

  • Affiliate Programs, this is another way you can make money instead of Google Adsense. Directly reach out to the brands that are relevant to your blog contents so their promotional display ads on your blog will gain earnings from your brand partnerships with them. Your cost is determined by your website traffic only.

Bloggers can earn money through blogging but not in a magical elevator. A certain time & effort will enable one's success story. There are few people who made money in months but the most took years of hard work to reach the mark.


Here is all that you need to become a “PRO BLOGGER”.

Hopefully, this blog has met all your thoughts & surfs as one-stop solutions.

Start yours today & share your success story with us in the near future.


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