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Set Backpack: Go Global!

Plane tickets, train availability, best packages, itineraries, best deals, routes, road-maps, etc., are the mind-boggling issues that pop up once we decide to go on a trip. How ready are you?

Get travel-ready with our e-book “Travel Essentials - Tips from a Backpacker”. Now available on Amazon Kindle.

Holiday and travel are so interlinked and directly related to each other.

Ha! Am not talking about direct blood-relation! But, about a bond that gives us the chance to explore, to make memories, to forget about the racing competitive lives!

Be it a long vacation or a sweet & short weekend. Traveling during a holiday is a luxury in itself! When the plan is to travel, then, the sound of music begins in our minds!

Travel plans mean so many things. Phew! Packing, booking, confirming, etc. Wait a moment, but where is the travel to? Such confusions and contradictions arise until the last moment! And everyone in the family would want to share their opinion, neighbors will advise, friends will suggest! It is a continuous mode of information poured on you. Informative but annoying!

Walk away from all the fuss as we have the apt solution for you. Traveling, be it solo or with friends and family, would now be exciting and easy. Our ebook is an exclusive write up from the rich experiences of a travel-freak! Simple tips that are invaluable for every journey have been methodically written.

As the saying goes, “Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan.”

Let me warn you, it is not a book of the extreme disciplinary mode of travel-planning. What fun is it if there are no surprises while traveling? But, our ebook “Travel Essentials” is to ensure that your journey is filled with pleasant and happy surprises. Not nasty and embarrassing surprises.

Care has been taken to cover every aspect of traveling. Right from the moment you decide to travel, until the end, we thought about it all. Most neglected minor matters are the ones that cause ruckus once you return from travel. Efforts have been made to cover them too. It is not mere planning that makes a trip perfect. There are many interrelated factors that impact your travel. Knowing what they are, is very crucial. Knowing how to handle them is also equally important.

You do not need to imitate someone, but you can always adopt the best practices followed. After all, life is about learning from other’s mistakes, too! Once you understand the nuances of travel and travel-related variables. You can make your own plans involving all your travel-mates, be it, friends or family. This gives everyone a sense of responsibility towards making the journey a joy.

Truly said, “Travel before you run out of time!.” Time is the only thing that matters. So, grabbing the opportunity when you have it, leaves no regrets for later!


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