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Shed Your Extra Calories

While you might be munching on snacks every now and then sitting at home, it is no secret that it is leading to weight gain problems. Most of the people are experiencing a sudden weight gain because of irregular and unhealthy eating. Though there is nothing wrong with eating those fried chips and pack of cookies during these stressful times but looking after your health is also important. You don’t want to get 15 kg added to your weight within a month, right?

So, here are some things that you can do to avoid that weight gain.

Prepare your own meal

No matter how busy you think you are, you can always find time to try new things and learn some new skills. So why not use it to learn how to make our own meal? Go to Youtube and watch recipes of your favorite food and try preparing them at home. This way you will become more conscious of what you eat and you will start making healthier choices. Bonus tip: Did you know that healthy meals are easier to cook than unhealthy ones!

Go cook for yourself and you will find it true.

Resist in-between snacking

When we have nothing much to do, snacking becomes our number 1 pass time. But this has many adverse effects on our health. Eating lots of packaged food at irregular intervals messes up with your appetite. It is not completely bad to snack but what to snack on and how much you snack determine your health. So, whenever you feel the urge to snack try making some healthier choices. Fruits can be a good alternative to your regular packets of chips and cookies.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is important for your body. Usually, the people who suffer from weight gain are not hydrated enough. So make it a habit to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Today, there are many apps that tell you about your body’s water needs and notify you to drink timely. If you are someone who does not drink much water. Consider using such apps to get started.

Balanced Diet

We all know that weight gain is caused by the consumption of excessive fatty foods. Yet due to our busy schedules, we keep on eating the readily available fast food. But with lots of time in your hand, you can plan your meals according to your body needs. Try adding all the essential nutrients in your diet in the required amounts. This will help you ensure a good and steady body weight.


You may not have access to gyms but don’t make this an excuse to skip your exercises. Get moving and shed some sweat at home. Join an online exercise class and practice daily in your house. You can make this fun by involving your partner or family member in the exercise routine.

Ensure Proper Sleep

Today the sleep pattern of many people is messed up. If you are one of them, consider sticking to a fixed sleeping routine. Irregular sleep can lead to weight gain as it leads to affect your hunger control hormone. If you are well-rested, you will be better at resisting high-calorie food. Your body will feel rejuvenated and you would naturally want to eat healthy food.

With all these tips you can make your weight loss journey easy and effective. Remember, you have to be patient with yourself. Give your body the time that it needs to adjust. If you follow these suggestions and work on them daily, I am sure you will come out of this lockdown more healthy and fit.

“You didn’t gain all your weight in one day; you won’t lose it in one day. Be patient with yourself.”

– Jenna Wolfe

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