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Technical professions have been mushrooming in the job markets over the past few decades. IT Job roles and responsibilities have been widened drastically. Techno-skills or computer skills add a lot of weightage to the resume. By learning the latest technological skills that are highly in demand, you would give your career a big boost. In this article, we would be discussing some of the high paid skills that are in great demand in global and domestic job markets.

Career changes and career growth have become a prime focus for every working person. Businesses have naturally adapted to the innovations of technology and science. This has completely changed the work ambiance in companies.

As compared to a decade ago, there is a higher demand for professionals who are adept with the latest techno-skills. There is definitely a market for all roles. But, today we are exclusively discussing those chosen top 10 techno-skills that would fetch you your dream job.

Many of us would have read or heard about these skills during some conversations. But what exactly are these and how invaluable are these skills for a career, let us find out.

Artificial Intelligence

Popularly known as AI, Artificial Intelligence is the future of impactful business scenarios. With its usage widespread across various industries be it chatbots or automated machines, a mammoth change has been witnessed with its entry.

There is a steep hike seen in the hiring percentage of those who are skilled with AI. This is a game-changer in the marketing world. Very useful and applicable in data analysis besides user experience. The mind-boggling simulation of human intelligence with computer systems is artificial intelligence in simple words. Based on algorithms and data, propensity models are created. These help to generate predictions based on the data-scores. AI skills help you earn much more than your counterparts in similar professions but lack AI skills.

To pursue a career in AI, you should possess a strong focus on Maths(Bayesian Algorithms, logic, calculus, algebra, probability, statistics, etc.), Science, Computer Science ( Data Structures, logic & efficiency, programming, etc.).


Highly popular as a “scripting language”, Python is a favorite for developers of mobile applications, software at startup-level or complex data analytics. It helps in quick data analysis and data organization. This has gained popularity over C++, Java owing to its ease of readability, simple programming, and its quick application for streaming analytics on the cloud. It is basically an object-oriented programming language (OOP) and an interpreted language. It alerts you about the errors that need to be rectified prior to execution. Its reach is quite deep and it is very popular due to its capacity to automate routine tasks. If you are a developer, you can easily learn Python as it is a very develop-friendly language. Ensure that you are up to date the code, as this a career-boosting skill. You need to have a strong grasp on syntax, data-structure, algorithms, and a passion for coding if you want to acquire this skill.


Started in 1995, this remains popular as a leading programming language. Currently, it is widely used as a server-side language. This user-friendly application is used in the creation of mobile, web applications, games, and data-driven software. This being a general-purpose language, it can be written on one platform and run on another too. It has a wide array of applications like embedded systems, big data processing, etc. To acquire Java skills, one has to incessantly practice coding. If you are unaware of C or C++, then to begin with you can learn Java.

Since it is one of the fore-front programming languages, acquiring Java will fetch you a well-paid job in the IT industry.

Data-Science & Analytics

Though used interchangeably, these two have a different scope. Data science is about mining large data, which demands some business acumen from the data scientist. Data analyst requires a more focused approach to find answers to the queries. Both roles are highly interdependent. If you are an individual with an obsession with data, then pursuing this path is the best choice. To become an efficient data scientist you should do your best to pick up practical skills along with mastery over your core-subjects. Statistical analysis, programming, maths, with a good understanding of the compute frameworks are a must.

Since companies all over the world are data-driven, the role of data-analysts is in great demand. To fetch yourself a well-paid job in Data Analytics requires you to be adept in certain aspects like machine learning, critical thinking, data visualization, SQL, presentation skills, R or Python statistical programming, etc. Updating yourself with data-analytical skills will have a huge impact on your career.

Amazon Web Services

AWS is a secure cloud platform that allows hosting of web-services, cloud computing, storage, etc. It provides for more than 50 services including content delivery, database storage, hosting. To know about AWS, prior understanding of cloud computing is a must. One can enter the field with AWS certifications either at the associate level or professional level. At the associate level, you can choose to be an Architect, Sysops Administrator, or Developer. At a professional level, you can be a Solutions Architect or DevOps engineer. Amazon Web Services is currently one amongst the highest profit earning businesses.

Mobile App Development

This is a highly in-demand core skill in the IT industry. The rapidly rising global mobile population is leading to heavy demand for professionals with mobile app development skills. As the usage of mobile applications, be it any domain like shopping, playing, and online education, etc. is expanding, there is a dire need for mobile app developers who can competitively boost the company profile and market share. The core skills needed to be a mobile application developer are iOS and Android skills. To excel in mobile app development one should be aware of skills like quality user interface design, javascript, cybersecurity, etc. If you have the spark of creativity and are tech-savvy, then hone your mobile application developing skills as this will help you create a niche market of your own.

Cyber Security

Acquiring skills in cyber-security is very promising for a career in the same field, as the magnitude of internet usage for various activities demands a high rate of cyber-security. On a daily basis, there is a huge amount of client data, company information that is being handled. This is a sensitive area and any breach of data will lead to irreversible problems for the companies. Cyber-security is a career with a growing curve in the future as there is never going to be a drop-in in web businesses.

The job demands certain imperative skills to excel, like, analytical thinking, problem-solving capacity, approachable attitude, determination, patience, excellent leadership, and communication skills. There are some job-specific technical skills that are needed to be a cybersecurity professional like, fundamental IT skills, operating systems, web application, administration, network architecture, database knowledge, etc. Coding skills would be essential only if the role specifies for such technicalities.

A strong grip on these areas of the subject would help in creating and implementing security plans and related policies for companies.

Virtual Reality

One of the most fast-emerging fields of the modern age. There has been a huge rise in the demand for this skill set which includes graphic programming, 3D modeling software, and programming. Being a computer graduate will help to enter this field. There are various multimedia courses too. This is gaining popularity in the fields of retail, medical, and education. There are basically two sides of learning in virtual reality, the technical and the artistic. Resources to learn are unlimited.

To gain a basic understanding of this domain, one can explore the non-coding options that are available. These tools are effective in creating quality media campaigns without the upgraded functionalities of interaction.

Knowing javascript, 3D tools, skill & platform-specific SDK, updated VR UI/UR skills, etc. would augment your learning. This is the best platform with no limits to unleash your creative abilities.

Machine Learning

This is one of the most promising future techno-skill, be it self-driven cars or Siri. Many companies are on the look-out for adapting machine-learning into their processes. Every field can utilize Machine Learning. Gear up and learn soon before the race gets tougher. Machine learning focuses on collecting data, efficiently cleaning the data, and then coming up with effective algorithms for this data.

There are some definite skills needed to pursue a career in machine learning. To begin with a good base of maths, i.e., linear algebra, calculus, statistics, probability, etc. are highly essential. As large amounts of data are involved, prior knowledge of OOP’s, the data structure is highly beneficial. Commonly used languages are Python, R, and Java, so being acquainted with them is highly beneficial.

Data Visualization

This is the path for bringing in data-driven information to visual learning. Helps companies to predict, analyze, and read big-data. These skills help to identify the underlying pattern of correlation in a given data. Data Visualization is all about being able to present significant data in graphical formats and pictorial representations. The consolidation of large and complex inputs of data into simple and easily understandable visuals is a vital practice for businesses and companies. This helps in identifying hidden issues, identifying problems that tend to go unseen, and promotes the creation of better strategies.

Graduation in computer science or Masters is a prerequisite. Strong analytical skills with a good grip over subjects like Maths, Statistics is recommended. To pursue the career of a data visual engineer one must also possess great attention to detail, communication skills, and coding languages like Python, Angular.js, etc.

Over the coming years, the IT industry is keen on filtering professionals based on their technical skills and ability to constantly update themselves. Having accurate knowledge of these high-in-demand technological skills will give you a competitive edge over your professional counterparts. Never underestimate the power of learning or improving skills, especially in job oriented scenarios.

So, act quickly and master a skill that suits your needs. The market is constantly being sieved for professionals with these technical skills. Mastering them would fetch you your dream job. Listed below are links to a few websites which offer these courses.


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