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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Your honeymoon is the golden period of your life. During this time you get to understand your life-partner intimately. A good honeymoon gives you plenty of beautiful memories to cherish forever. It provides a happy start to your married life.

The destination that you choose for your honeymoon plays a critical role. It helps you enhance your experience. There are plenty of destination options to choose from.

Honestly, it all depends on your taste, season, budget, and timings. There is no one size fits all policy in your honeymoon planning. But certain destinations in the world are the most sought after among honeymooners.

These places have a certain charm and beauty which attracts millions of couples worldwide to celebrate their honeymoon there. The saying that - ‘Love is in the Air’ holds true for them. So, let’s look at them and know what makes these places so special.

5. Paris

Paris is a city of love. When we talk about romance, a picture of the great Eiffel Tower immediately comes to our mind. This is the reason Paris holds the title of the most romantic city in the world. Each year, it attracts millions of newlyweds. You must have seen couples posing around the “Eiffel Tower” and “Arc de Triomphe” on your Instagram. Paris has a lot of photo hotspots.

4. Greece

Greece is a major tourist attraction among people all across the world. It has stunning natural beauty. With around 6000 islands in Greece, you will definitely have a great time exploring them. It is home to some of the most ancient archeological sites and sand beaches. The country has a Mediterranean climate that you can enjoy all day. Greece offers a great blend of culture and nature. Many popular Hollywood celebrities go to Greece for their honeymoon.

3. Thailand

When it comes to the honeymoon, you can never go wrong with Thailand. It is a very popular honeymoon destination across all continents. Thailand offers something for everyone. If you are a fan of beaches, you have “Koh Samui” or “Railay Bay” and if you love to get that adrenaline rush through adventure, Bangkok is the right choice for you. With lush green places to watery landscapes, Thailand has it all to make your honeymoon holiday perfect.

2. Maldives

The Maldives offers a great indulging experience to its visitors. It has an abundance of water bodies where you can explore the marine life underwater. Its glowing beaches offer a great place to have a romantic date night with your partner. Its romantic resorts will make your honeymoon exciting. You can go totally nomadic in the Maldives with its 1192 coral islands. You can hop and one island to another and wake up each day on a different island with your love. You can also go on a cruise and explore the vast sea with your partner.

1. Bali

When it comes to honeymoon, Bali tops the chart. It is a paradise for honeymooners. It has a great mix of culture, adventure, beauty, and climate. In Bali, you can enjoy a soothing spa with your partner to have a healthy meal amidst spectacular rice fields. How does the idea of visiting some of the world’s most historical temples sound to you? The vast beaches of Bali make an ideal place for a romantic sunset walk with your partner. It is also a great destination to have a picture-perfect honeymoon with its stunning locations.

Your honeymoon is a much-deserved getaway after all the chaos and stress of the wedding. Honeymoon provides the opportunity to form lasting romantic relationship understanding with your partner. These destinations can provide you the best honeymoon experience.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” —Dr. Seuss

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