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This is Muthu Krishnan

Ability is not just a concrete expression for me, it’s a state of mind. It is the way I see this cosmos every day. Signifying from the nativity of most artistic Chettinad, art is what best I know and would love to express the same. Passion towards visualization through vibrant colors put together with detail influences my solitary motive of showcasing emotions. Lens Feedy Photography is my innovation in the form of a startup that made me a proud & successful CEO!! My vision & mission is to enhance the field of arts and make it more accessible to everyone.

 Filmmaker  Fashion Designer  Mentor 
Video Editor  Management 

Analytics & Strategy  Blogger 

CRM Expert  Visualizer 

Storyteller & Blogger  Writer 

Journey of Honor

The journey of my dream commenced when I was 14. Inducing the storm of creativity and adorning it with the idea of bringing about awareness is where I began my quest. My earliest achievement was as an artist that delivered a universal social intelligence as followed by a Familiar Presenter Award on global warming at IIT Chennai. As I entered the elevator of success, I resolved to jump to the ensuing level by targeting the greater audience with the soulful content that must be in the knowledge of every Indian for the Nation's development and that was my primary short film as a filmmaker which was titled as "Vibrant India". The exposure after Vibrant India encouraged my drive towards a bunch of award events.

My next venture was "Valarppu" and it was completely a one-man show in post-production that was all set for NFDC Awards. My short film "Valarppu" received the honor of a certificate of excellence from the current Vice President of India Mr. Venkaiah Naidu at the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC). This reorganization piloted me forward to many schools, colleges & corporates for special screening and inspirational orations.

Socially being an activist, my driveway inspired me beyond the national subject to universal existence. My third short film was "Atthiyaavasiyam" which deals with earthly content. All my short films were on track records of success to the history of the Youngest Filmmaker. The progressive push towards the revenue generation, my career started as a Video Editor & DI'st which led the number of projects to a half-century in a quick phase.  Parallel to this, I earned expertise in the field of arts & multimedia whereas my childhood success was as an artist. When knowledge is power, the wise decision was the time I invested in my 9 assets of International Certifications. The strongest determination of my career was to operate a successful & inspirational photography concern across India which captures the best of emotions and lifetime memories that every client cherishes forever.

There began the vision & mission of "Lens Feedy Photography". 

Adventure of my life is full of positivity with the constancy of all your love and support.

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