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Welcome to the Muthu Krishnan & Team of E-Knowledge aquarium! We are a team of enthusiastic creators who strive to provide you with the most valuable content on your digital screens.

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We Procreate It!

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To augment your research, we have compiled some of the highly resourceful e-books, online courses on the most refreshing and evergreen topics, all together in one place. All brought together exclusively for you!

Now you can explore & brainstorm on anything that you want to learn without any hassle! 


We have e-books and online courses ranging in a wide variety of categories like Beauty, Business, Education, Fashion, Food, Health, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Movies, Photography, Psychology, Social, Technology, Travel, and much more. 

Why Choose Us?

In this information age when you can browse thousands of webpages for a single topic, what makes us unique? Well, because we made choosing easy and interesting for you. It is true that there is no scarcity of content! But we know the struggle to find that perfect piece of information!

Each of our EBooks exhales an in-depth analysis of the subject and delivers all the important insights in a short and value-packed format. Our team of writers and content creators excel at presenting every complex piece of information in a simple & easy-to-understand manner. Our content is highly engaging, informative, and entertaining at the same time. No matter which genre you are interested in, we have some very special ebooks for you to satisfy your infotainment needs.

Master The Certified You!

Our online courses are solely designed by keeping your interests in mind. The courses cover topics from their foundational level and mentor you all the way to advanced levels about the subject. These courses will definitely boost your knowledge about the topic and ultimately lead you to become subject matter expertise. 


What's in it for you? Way more than you can imagine! Dual benefit, subject knowledge with certification on course completion! This certificate will add value to your profile and will help you decorate your achievement’s gallery. 

Our Philosophy

“Little Drops Make The Mighty Ocean.”

Our aim is to make every little drop count in your ocean of knowledge. Our E-Knowledge shelf is a one-stop destination for you to build on to your wisdom and become a master of your chosen fields of interest.

Be ready to get intrigued with curiosity! Our team strives to deliver the perfect & most accurate piece of information to you. Our mission is to equip our readers with only the best content that proves useful and creates a positive difference in life.

Click, Surf, Kindle Your Learning!


Choose from the wide array of ebooks and courses. Grab your favorite cup of coffee and tread the path of success! Be better-skilled and well informed. Become a better you!


Our loving guarantee to you, there is no looking back once you open the pages of learning on our site. You cannot resist the temptation to have more. Of course, knowledge comes to those who seek more!


Fall In Love With Learning!

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