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Who loves visiting doctors? Of course, Nobody! We all respect the magnitude of help done by this profession. But nobody would enjoy visiting the doctors! And diseases come without a warning sign. They attack a person when least expected! Ah!

Then all that is left is running around for treatments, gulping innumerable pills, or suffering alone in silence. The very thought of it brings displeasure to the body and mind. But there are ways in which one can strike out the hospital visits. 


This e-book will open doors to living healthily and practicing an energetic lifestyle. The necessary and appropriate habits of food & fitness, hydration & hygiene, and sleep & mindfulness all have been discussed. Health is Wealth, so there is no way to cope up with the repercussions of being careless towards it. Little efforts every day can earn great results. 


Discover the 9 divine dedicated routines that would help you achieve optimal health. Your lifestyle determines your well-being. It reflects your health.


Take charge of it today with these effective suggestions packed in our e-book.




Are you a coffee lover?


Does coffee feel more like an emotion than a drink to you? You love your cup of coffee more than anything but, making a perfect one can be a bit difficult! Not to mention, the tricky processes that sometimes even don’t yield a good result. Relish your coffee cravings with these delicious coffee recipes. This ebook is a compilation of the top ten coffees from all over the world. These are recipes that are sophisticated in their taste yet simple to make. Every cup has a bit of history blended in it.


This is a literal paradise for coffee lovers. For sure by the end of this ebook, you would desperately want a cup of coffee. The aromatic fragrance of roasted coffee beans will leave you hypnotized! Get ready to fall in love with coffee all over again!




Travel is a life-changing experience. It creates fascinating stories and deep memories for everyone. If you love to travel and are planning to go on a trip, this ebook is the ultimate guide that helps you ease all your travel tensions. Unplanned trips can be a real pain in the neck! From destinations to finances, booking flights to accommodation everything needs proper scrutiny. 


Taking care of each aspect could be overwhelming if mishandled. These minute details which cannot be overlooked actually decide your whole experience of travel. Don’t panic because we have simplified this for you!

Our ebook is an accurate compilation of all the essential information that you would need for your travel. With a focus on details and value-addition, this step-by-step guide will make your journey truly relaxing and most memorable.




“Work hard, score high, aim to be a topper, and then your life is all secured and settled.”


Does this advice sound familiar to you? Most of us are told to focus only on education when young. But as we grow up, we realize that there is much more beyond mugging up from the books. Success is an unending circle. It honors those who work for it. Your formal education and degrees have no strong role in the real world. 

What you do every day and how you do, will actually shape your destiny. And there are unlimited examples that have proven this. Our e-book takes you through the lives of a few of the world’s most renowned and successful personalities. They hail from different walks of life, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Art, Sports, and Media, etc. but all are college drop-outs! Shocking, isn’t it? But true. Come, let’s understand what is the secret behind their success? What inspired them all, they who are an aspiration to many!




Do you start shivering and feeling nervous when you have to face an audience or deliver a speech? Public Speaking is the No. 1 social fear among people. The panic of the audience’s judgments’ holds us from voicing ourselves honestly in public.

But this fear can be tamed with effective tips and techniques. Our e-book will help you unlock your hidden potentials of public speaking. The step-wise details mentioned in it will help you draft the perfect message and polish your presentability. It would ensure that you could give an audience engaging speech, and much more.


A complete handy guide that will help you hone your oratory skills. Your accurate execution of the guidelines given will definitely make you an effective public speaker. And a person whom the audience would love to hear more often. There are useful resources and links provided that could help you be more inspired to do your best and be very confident as a speaker.




If you have to choose between following someone’s footsteps or carving your own path, what would you choose? If you are someone who believes in sincerely creating your own future then, this ebook is definitely for you.  While many people aspire to leave the corporate rat race, very few actually make it.


The world of entrepreneurship welcomes anyone with the right attitude to make it big. Of course, there are no shortcuts! Age is just a number! Even a naive 9 years old can create magic if they are inclined to do so. Many have established their identity with entrepreneurship. Don’t you believe this? Dive into the contents of this e-book that will ride you through the interesting life-journeys of some successful young entrepreneurs. If they can do it, why can’t you? Read on to find out how they started and what they did differently. Take the first step towards your dream of becoming an entrepreneur today, the rest would be history. 

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Beauty is inherent and beauty is how you perceive. But it is one’s basic responsibility to respect oneself and do the needful. Neglecting one’s physical health of the skin and hair can lead to deeper damages. When there is so much information all around, we need to be extra cautious before believing everything that we read and experiment on ourselves. 

We have made the job hassle-free for you by filtering through and picking up the best practices to maintain a healthy and effective regime for beautiful skin and hair. 

The tips and methods do not call for heavy expenses nor unknown methods. Very simple to follow, easily available ingredients and easy routines have been mentioned in our book. The ideas are for both genders and can be followed with ease and confidence.

Be ready to be the best of you!


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Has human behavior always intrigued you? When in a group, does it bother you how few people react in a certain way whilst others manage to garner everyone’s attention?


Yes, the most unfathomable subject is the human mind. But what can be understood easily is the reasoning behind various behaviors? Why a reaction is triggered and how a situation is dealt with by various people? 


A simple to understand yet insightful explanation for understanding the magnitude of human psychology has been covered in this ebook. It is a very handy book for students as well as teachers who are into behavioral psychology. It helps to improve the subject matter expertise. The various components of human nature have been explored to the needed extent. 


Human traits that are formed based on thoughts, feelings, etc. form the main personality attribute of individuals. The ebook throws light on various personality types enlisting their nature and attributes, which helps us maintain better relationships. Human nature is a mystery that cannot be encapsulated within a few words. But this book has major information that has been smartly written for easy understanding and better equipment of the topic. 


Get ready to begin your adventure to understand and improve your human relations.


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Business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Break this stereotype thinking and dare to choose this path if it is your choice. Those who choose it set a defined path to follow their passion. When we have business dreams but are quite unsure where to start and how to start, then this ebook comes in handy to help you clear all such doubts. From the first step of understanding why to choose entrepreneurship,  to knowing the intricacies of being an entrepreneur, to understand the lifestyle of an entrepreneur, every important detail has been covered by it.


Being an entrepreneur calls for many important aspects to be handled by the individual not just having a business idea or funds to invest. It needs a person to be a strong visionary and work for causes that cater beyond individual success. Our ebook is the complete compilation of all that you should be aware of to be an entrepreneur. It also acts as a good reference book for commerce and business studies. Every important point of information has been elaborately described for your easy understanding.


Get ready to be your own boss!

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