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Five Tricks To Look Beautiful: Unplanned Parties!

“Surprise” shouts your inbox! A sudden message from an old friend or colleague to meet up in the evening for an impromptu get together. Oh! That’s lovely! But, how to look beautiful instantly in less time?

You know it is a friendly gathering and your looks won’t be judged. But deep down, you want to give your best shot. You want to look beautiful but have less time to spare.

You want to look fresh and lively! You want your face to get party-ready. It keeps the spirits up! Yay! Why not? Indeed, all parties and get-togethers, irrelevant of their size, are lovely opportunities to pamper yourself. Why miss one?

Huh! How can I get that fresh look when I have no time for the parlor? Relax! Why rush to the salon when you can arrive at amazing results with simple ingredients at home? Yes, you read it right! Here are some foolproof tricks to suit different skin types. They help to instantly prep up your face for sudden parties.

The net is flooded with millions of tricks and DIYs. What so special about these five. These are simple ingredients, easy to mix, easy to apply, require no complicated tools or help. What more can we ask for?

Few important pointers before you try any new packs on your skin are:

  • Know your skin type. Whether it is oily, dry, or combination skin.

  • Observe the climate in your place. Is it cold, humid, or dry?

  • Understand how sensitive your skin is.

  • Ensure you use good quality ingredients. Check for expiry dates.

  • Keep a timer handy. You can use your mobile watch too.

  • When in doubt, trust your instinct.

  • Slight tingling sensation on the skin immediately after the application is normal. Not extreme and long-lasting.

All set? It is my own collection of interesting five tricks to prep up your skin and makes you look party-ready.

  • Clean

Every big process starts with this basic step. Cleaning up your skin is so crucial. Without this, you would end up with a dirt-laden skin. Ensure you clean your skin thoroughly. This removes excess make-up, dirt, sweat, etc. At the end of the day or even during the day. Always carry a small face wash that suits your skin type in your bag.

When at home, you can follow any one of the below methods to cleanse your skin before the other steps.

  • Dip cotton into a tablespoon of fresh milk. Raw milk is best but boiled also will do. Gently wipe your face with this cotton. Wipe your neck, area around the eyes. Leave it for 20 seconds to dry. Then wash with water.

  • Take a half spoon of besan and half spoon of rice flour. Mix them with little water and gently wash your face. This is an amazing face wash.

  • Or simply take one spoon of besan flour or green gram flour. Mix it in little water to form a small paste. Now use it as your face wash and clean your face and neck areas.

Dab to dry. Your skin will be breathing with a different freshness after using any of the above-mentioned cleaning tips.

  • Scrub

Scrubbing is an important step. But it is not for sensitive skin. If you do not have time also, you can skip this step. Scrubbing helps to clean the pores of the skin from the inside. Deep cleaning happens. Therefore it is generally not suggestible for people with sensitive skin and open pores.

Some simple DIY scrubs are -

  • A mix of a quarter teaspoon of besan flour, half teaspoon of rice flour, one pinch of salt and a small pinch of turmeric powder (optional). Mix them with little water. And gently dab it onto your wet face. Now scrub with the tip of your fingers very gently in the upward direction. Scrub your neck area too. Avoid scrubbing the area around your eyes. After 2 minutes. Leave it on for 1 minute more, and then wash with clean water. Your skin will be supple and soft.

  • One spoon of white sugar, a quarter spoon of coffee powder. Mix them together without adding water. Gently scrub for 1minute and wash it off. Sugar and coffee are natural scrubbing agents.

  • Ice - A simple step of using freshwater ice-cubes. We all have ice cubes always at home. If you do not have time for facials and further. You can use a simple trick of wiping your face with an ice cube. Yes, as weird as that may sound. Take two cubes in a thin clean cotton cloth. Tie them up and gently start taking it around your cleaned face. Go all over the face, neck, and eyes too. It will relax your eyes. This would help to tighten the skin and close the pores. Don’t use too many cubes. Don’t rub for more than 2 minutes.

Also, this can be done before you apply to make up. You can just do two steps - cleaning and ice cube rub.

  • Facial

This is so refreshing and vital if you have that extra bit of time in hand. You will just need a few ingredients from your pantry to uplift your skin. Applying an ice cube after your facial, just before the final makeup would help.

A simple and classic face pack. For this mix one spoon of besan flour in half a spoon of curd. Add a slight dash of organic turmeric. If you have lemon squeeze in two or three drops. Just a quarter spoon would be sufficient. Mix in everything together. Gently apply over your cleaned facial and neck skin. Avoid the areas around the eyes. Leave it to dry but not extremely cracked-dry. Wash it off or wipe it off with a damp clean cloth. Sit and relax for a minute enjoying the suppleness of your skin. As mentioned earlier, ice rub helps. This pack suits other skin types too. For dry skin, you can add some honey to the pack.

Another super amazing pack that relieves your skin of tiredness, suntan. It instantly tightens and brightens your skin. Grab some maida (all-purpose flour or refined flour), add one spoon of milk. Mix until it forms a thick paste, not very thick but gravy-like consistency. It should not be runny. Apply evenly over your clean skin. Avoid the area around the eyes. This pack will tighten up as it dries. So avoid talking after applying the pack. Let it dry sufficiently. Then wash it off with clean water. It has to be done gently with patience. But the results are so promising. It even reduces blackheads to a larger extent!

Another simple pack is from fresh fruits. Check your refrigerator for any fresh fruits. Pulp them and mix them with milk or curd to suit you. Toss in little besan flour to bring in the thick consistency. If using oranges, just squeezing in some juice would help. The peels can be dried and used for other DIY skincare products. Papayas, berries, bananas, melons, etc. any fresh ripe fruit would help. This pack should be applied in the same way as the rest. Leave it for 15-20minutes. Due to the fruity texture, it may not completely dry. So it is ok to wash after 20minutes. Soak is the wholesome effect of the fresh fruit. It gives a lingering freshness and instantly boosts the skin.

  • Makeup

Having prepped up your skin, you would be dancing in joy at the brightness of your skin. Ensure you moisturize your skin with a good cream. Always use products from established brands. Select the moisturizer to suit your skin type.

The last tip for an instant bright party look is apt makeup. Overly done or under done makeup would ruin the look. Just stick to staples.

Sometimes a natural look with a dab of your favorite lip shade works to give you that ravishing look.

You have already cleansed and brightened your skin if you have followed any one of the tips mentioned earlier. So you do not need to worry if your skin can hold the makeup. The rub with ice cubes helps to achieve the best results for this step.

Always highlight your eyes to complete the party look. Eyeliner or kajal, choose that which suits you. Do not experiment with makeup just before a party, if you have never used makeup before. You would be risking skin reactions. You definitely do not want to look embarrassed at the party.

By following these five tips to look instantly beautiful, you will be ready for any surprise parties and get-togethers. Always remember the pointers. Know your skin and use quality ingredients.

Dress smartly to suit the occasion and your body type always.

Wear your confidence and smile always. This is a sure way to look your best.

Enjoy pampering your skin and get ready to be the attention-grabber at the party.

Zoom away to your pantry and get started!

“Be good to your skin. You will wear it every day for the rest of your life.” - Anonymous


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