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Junk Food Affects Your Mental Health

We have all heard the well-known saying - ‘We are what we eat.’ Each of us knows the benefits of a healthy diet for our body. But we still find it hard to resist the urge of eating fast food. No matter how many times you take those resolutions for healthy eating but that mouth-watering plate of momos pulls you towards itself. The desire of experiencing that delicious bite defeats your willpower to refuse. You once again ditch your resolution thinking I will begin it from tomorrow. This becomes a habit and then addiction. We find it difficult to get over it as there is no noticeable harm in consuming these meals. Do you know, the regular intake of these products not only impacts your physical wellness but also impairs your mental well-being?

Our brain runs on energy which we gather through food. There is a strong link between our nutritional intake and the brain’s efficiency. Research has proved that a balanced diet comprising of all the nutrients is necessary for the body and mind. It generates high power which helps increase your efficiency.

Prolonged consumption of junk food deprives your brain of the essential micronutrients that help boost its performance. Junk foodstuff makes you feel lethargic. Your energy level drops down as much of it is utilized in digesting the processed food. Thus, the functioning of your brain does not happen at its ideal standard. You feel less productive and your creativity diminishes. the feelings of irritation, mood swings, anxiety, and stress occur more often.

To help the mind function at its optimal level it is important to nourish it with the nutrients rich meal. But fast food does not provide you with that. Most of it only contains high levels of saturated fats, carbohydrates, and sugar which can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis, etc. The lack of important proteins, minerals, and vitamins in such foods impoverishes you from these essential nutrients. This difficult to digest food will also put your metabolism under stress. You experience an upsurge in negative energies in and around you which later becomes the No. 1 cause of killing your creativity. Your excitement level drops and you feel dull.

In order to keep your mental well-being in check, you need to make more conscious dietary habits. Include more green edibles in your diet. Make it a routine to munch on fresh fruits and salads instead of consuming a whole packet of deep-fried chips. Your body and mind are the only instruments that you have to experience life. So take proper care of them by prioritizing their needs over your wants.

You can start by including one green vegetable as a salad in your lunch. Adding fruits in the breakfast. Replacing the carbonated drinks with fresh fruit juices. Drinking plenty of water. These are simple, yet effective steps to start your journey of health-conscious feeding.

Eating healthy food fills your body with energy and nutrients. Imagine your cells smiling back at you and saying: “Thank you!”. – Karen Salmansohn


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