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10 Rose Water Benefits That You Didn’t Know Exist

Rose Water is a magical substance that has its place in every Indian household. It is made from distilling rose petals with steam. It is a natural fragrant which is as a perfume by many. The beauty benefits of rose water are endless. Therefore, it is one of the most common ingredients in every DIY beauty remedy.

Rose Water has been used for centuries not only in India but the whole world. Its origin is considered from Iran where it was used both as beauty, food & drink ingredient. Today it is popular around the world for its countless benefits. You must have known it for its beauty uses but it comes with plenty of other benefits.

Some of them are:

Soothes Skin Irritation

Rose Water has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduces irritation in the skin. It also helps in treating many internal and external skin ailments. Eczema or Rosacea patients also use Rose Water to heal their skin problems.

Prevent Infection

The powerful antiseptic properties of rose water make it a good treatment for infections. Rosewater is, therefore, used in many ayurvedic medicines. In ancient Ayurveda pure rose water is known to treat eye ailments.

Enhances Mood

Rose Water has a beautiful fragrance that contains strong antidepressant and antianxiety properties. Rose Water extracts can help your nervous system calm down and feel good.

Relives Headache

Rose Water is also used to treat headaches via aromatherapy. Its de-stressing effects help relieve tensions in the head. There are two ways to use rose water for achieving this result. You can use vapors of rosewater or can apply a compress soaked in rose water for around 45 minutes. Both of these treatments are known to have positive results.

Alleviate Digestion Problems

Rose Water is also helpful in treating an upset stomach. It has a positive influence on your digestive fire. Rose Water also improves bile secretion in the body which again leads to better digestion.

Heal Cuts & Burns

Rose Water’s antiseptic properties also help in healing the wounds faster. It can fight off any infection that may arise due to a cut on the skin. In case of a burn, it helps to cool down the skin and provide comfort.


Rose Water also helps in hydrating the skin as it contains a good amount of water in it. It revitalizes your skin and gives it an instant refreshing look. Because of this reason, it is also used as a toner in many make-up regimes.


Rose Water is known to have anti-aging properties. It is used in many beauty products that aimed to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. Prolonged use of rose water helps in keeping wrinkles and fine lines at a bay.

Sore Throats

Rose Water is also traditionally used to treat sore throats. While it may have not been proven by research but the anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of rose water makes it a good remedy for sore throat problems.

Skin Glow

Rose Water has been used as a beauty product for millions of years. It possesses astringent properties that help in cleaning skin pores and toning the skin. It also helps in reducing the redness of the skin and tightens the capillaries giving you a youthful glow.

Now that you know the endless benefits of Rose Water, make it a part of your daily lifestyle. You can buy a bottle of rose water from the market or can even make one at home. Use it in your beauty regime. Include some drops of it in your recipes. You can also use it as a fragrant by storing it in a spray bottle. Whatever is your way of using it, make sure to use it regularly for maximum benefits.


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