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Adapt, Adjust, Avoid: The 3A’s of Life!

The secret of the Universe is to adapt, adjust, and avoid. Evolution has taught humanity the same. Life principles are based on this simple naked truth. Learn to adapt to whatever situation you are. You need to adjust when necessary. For the higher good, certain aspects have to be avoided. Reflect on this carefully! You will find many chapters of your own life connected to this pattern. That is the way of life & it goes on.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” - George Bernard Shaw


Humans have been blessed with great instincts and mind power. Nature has taught us to adapt to the changing times.

Nothing is permanent. Philosophical as it may sound. Better said, as change is constant.

Are you ready to live with this constant? Or are you clinging to that nothing, which is never permanent?

Have you seen toddlers? Do they prefer to crawl even after they are physically grown and are fit enough to walk? No. They adapt naturally to the change within them. That is the exactly needed attitude for us adults. Why do we desperately want to adhere to the old ways?

Bygones are bygones! Let go. Accept the now, accept the new. It is so refreshing to keep our minds open to songs of life, whatever be the mood.

One may ponder over it. Saying is always easier than doing it. That is the beauty of life.

You make one sincere effort to change and adapt. When effort is coupled with belief, then you can witness miracles. We need to have unflinching faith. Again it depends upon us. Remember self-help is the best help. To be observant and adapt. Not shun changes.

You have to keep up with the pacing times. You cannot cling to an old black and white television set and expect digital images. The whole world is moving towards web televisions and online series! You want to stay connected, then you have to adapt. Technology has changed their lives. Innovative ideas have made life so simpler. It doesn’t mean we disregard the earlier versions. No, it is about evolving and adapting to stay alongside life, and actually living it. Not making life a struggle.

Adapting is not about buying gadgets and assets. It is about our internal self too.

Question yourself, one year ago how would you react to a certain situation? And how would you react now to the same situation? Definitely not the same. If you find yourself answering reverse, please introspect. It shows you have stopped learning from life around! Adapting is a continuous process. A reaction to the stimulus called change!

Do you know how many days it takes to develop a habit? 21days. Persistent efforts would ensure we develop new habits. Learning helps to keep our minds refreshed. Happy mind, healthy body. Pick up a new hobby, join group classes, or get involved with your family activities.

Ample ways to adapt. Ample choices to adapt.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” - Charles Darwin


Do you remember school assemblies or functions? When the speaker is about to start their speech, the mike volume is adjusted. It would sometimes boom into our ears! Huh! Adjusting, so typical of us humans. We adjusted and we ensured nature is being altered and adjusted to suit us. We sometimes force others, friends, and family to adjust!

Pause, think. Have you ever really adjusted? Or have you been altering situations and people around you to suit you?

Confused? Let me tell you, the answer is both. We humans, we adjust when needed, and force others to adjust if needed!

We are all imperfect. Wisdom lies in accepting this rather than brooding over them. Our imperfections help us complement each other. We are socially dependent. Learn to create your own space and respect other’s space too. This helps to avoid emotional clashes. We start respecting the individual traits of each other in the family. It is highly essential to have a separate “me time”. Weird as it may sound, this is a time needed to engage in adjusting your mind to your body. We need to have a “me time” daily. Let everyone have their dose of “me time.” True bonding happens. Self-efficiency improves. It makes a person internally strong. Being rigid or frozen minded causes unpleasant complications at every phase of life. Professional and personal lives take a toll. Ultimately it would impact our health.

Adjusting definitely does not imply, you being timid or you being a doormat for others. No, never! That is the complete assassination of our personality. Remember the Flexi-toothbrush commercials, funny concepts. But, a similarity can be drawn here. Our mental flexibility should increase without impacting our actual self.

Confidence and self-esteem should not be dampened.

Families and homes are the first places where we get exposed to adjustment and finetune ourselves. Schools and colleges train us more. And by then, it would have been imbibed into our thinking. Adjust suitably, don’t suit yourself with every adjustment. You have only one life, remember.

Don’t be patronized.

“The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings.” - Kakuzo Okakura


You may be brimming with ideas about what to avoid, whom to avoid, etc.

Relax, first avoid overthinking!

Thoughts are the roots of life. Thoughts develop into actions and words which bear consequences. It is of paramount importance, to ensure there is harmony in our thinking, speaking, and doing. Life is a one time chance that can be lived happily with full awareness.

Your life, your body, your health. Your earnings, your family, your emotions. Everything is so personalized for each of us.

Then why imitate? Why compare? Why complain? Why?

Imitating celebs, following the trending diets, fashion and lifestyle patterns, etc should be avoided. Being inspired by popular personalities and their achievements is good. Adopting best practices is commendable. But blind imitations are avoidable, these often lead to unwanted expenditures. Simply buying items a display prestige or fashion that will lead to hoarding and clutter. Common eating mistakes, dietary habits can be consciously reduced. This can be done with personal attention and professional help.

Develop habits and lifestyle to suit your family and you. Accommodate all the deciding factors and then consider your choices. Stay self-responsible. It would inspire your friends and family too. Small changes are needed for big successes.

As a person, avoid comparing your life with others. The other side always looks greener. But you never know the complete reality of the other side. Learn to appreciate your life. Be thankful for all that you have. Constant comparison is a sign of low self-esteem. Avoid hiding your fears and disappointments. Phobias are common. Secluding oneself due to such reasons is not recommended. Talk to friends and family. Seeking support is safe and is a sign of courage.

Families and friends are linked with love and trust. Sensitivity towards these relations is very important. Every person will have their own personal principles. One cannot weigh others based on their principles. This will make us judgemental and selfish. Then personal ego will be pampered.

Where ego lives, everything else is ruined. Avoid your ego trampling your thinking.

Pride over accomplishments can be replaced with thankfulness for such satisfying opportunities. This helps us be grateful in life. Negative thinking, negative emotions burden our souls. Free your mind, let yourself soar high in happiness. Why? Happy to be alive! Happy to be smiling! Happy to be healthy! No reason and no season are needed for a smile.

“The secret to permanently breaking any bad habit is to love something greater than that habit.” - Bryant McGill

At the end of the day, we do realize, time cannot be re-winded!

All that can be done is to adapt, adjust, and avoid.

Adapt to the changing life.

Adjust to the flying times.

Avoid repeating mistakes of the past.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes; don’t resist them, that only creates sorrow. Let reality be a reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” - Lao Tzu


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