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Birthday Bash: Smashed 2020

There are no birthdays in the ongoing year 2020 due to this novel Coronavirus aka COVID19. Birthday bashes are now smashed to the ever before. We are in the century's global punishment period for what we've done to our mother earth in the past walkway. The entire world goes shed with no joy & celebration across. All your power-packed birthday plans are pooled to a push. Spreading love & positivity all your way if your birthday was on lockdown or going to be so!

Let’s see the wide perspectives on how & what we lost being punished by nature on our one-time yearly event.


Babies go mad & cranky the most time but not at parties as they do get cookies, chocolates, gifts & their wishes being conferred without contradictions. Relatives on doors & giggles all over will make life fulfilling to their parents at the moment. Pretty - Pretty little one’s with new flattering dresses & Boss Babies on board to rule this world are choiceless for their costume purchases with this rapid lockdown series. All the Wonder Women and Chotta Beams are now on an in-house celebration. Chocolates from the smallest hands are hardly missed. The whole bunch of joy in togetherness. The saddest part was, many first birthdays are “goldfish gone” with no horns!


Dudes, where do we go for the party night? What should I wear this year, Love of Red or Aquatic in Blue? WhatsApp group of non-executive crazy birthday plans are wildest dreams that went devastated. Let’s explore and roam around the city at night with the darkness of the sky & brightness of the moon. Girls glam up score & boys charm rate drives down like a nightmare in 2020, the fate of furious! No big surprises, there are no friends outside your doors at midnight with cakes & counters as it’s “Party RIP”. The only midnight calls mandatory major memories which also counts this year to your ages.

“20s & 30s” Goa Gone!

The plans you cultivated all these days, even years to be or go somewhere in your 20s as your birthday’s accountability is now sealed with a bigger lock than you expect. The best part of parenting is to back & pack all your family for a trip or a picnic on your birthday to celebrate is wardrobed with no move to any places rather than your houses. Kids are going to demand you more than a trip in the near future as a response to this, so be ready. The most birthday sustainability will happen with today’s technological excellence, hours of video calls with your loved ones can be stricken on your bucket list.

Aunties, Uncles, Grandpas & Grannies out there!

No matter, this passes too away. This is not that harder than what you all have crossed & passed hurdles to reach instance on present boundaries. If not this year, next is yours than ever before & ever after. Save yourself better & bigger with excellence to inhale lifetime memories. Everything passes by as nothing stands still, water or moment that keeps flowing regardless. The biggest return gift that you can present to your wishers can only be your experiences & lessons which will enable everyone to uplift accessibility to opportunities & success.

Here I’m presenting you this Birthday Bash article with more of love & happiness on account of my birthday today (15 June). We people express moments when that hits our life graphs, but I take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable reading time. If your Birthday was or being or going to be squeezed on a quarantine, then I wish you a very “Happy Birthday” & let your upcoming be the best ones ever!


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