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How To Study Better For Exams

Exam season is no short of a horrifying nightmare for many students. Nervous hand movements, anxious voice, and stressful minds are all the distinctive signs of students who’s exams are coming near. Additionally, parental pressure makes things even more dramatic for students. Amidst this chaos, students find it harder to focus on studies.

Exams are one of the most landmark experiences in a student’s life. Their performance in these exams plays a huge role in making their professional future bright. Your exams are a review of the knowledge you have gained in school and where do you stand in your class.

Every student wants to score high in their exams and study hard for it. But if you study smart in a systematic manner, you can definitely score better.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you study better for your exams.

Study Timetable

This is the first thing you need to do to start your exam preparation. Make a timetable for studying. Divide your time according to the subjects you have. Give more time to subjects that you have not revised well before. A proper timetable can help you in covering all your subjects timely. It will help you manage your time effectively and make the best use of it.

Make Keynotes

Short notes are a great way to revise and learn better. With exams coming near, it becomes impossible to go - through the whole syllabus again. So, the short notes come handy during these times. Write all the main points of a topic in your notes so that nothing important is left. Your notes should be easy to read and understand.

Highlight & Underline

Do not underestimate the importance of highlighting and underlining in your study material. It can help you save time by not having to go through an entire paragraph for an answer. It also makes things easy to remember. But do not overdo it. Sometimes, students highlight complete pages. It will not help you. Only mark that information which you feel is the most important on the page.

Practice Previous Papers

Before your exams practice question papers of all the previous years. It will help you understand the exam pattern and boost your confidence. Sometimes, examiners repeat several questions from past year's papers. So it can be an added advantage for you. Solving these papers several times also improves your time management skills which come in handy during the exam.

Don’t Neglect Easy Chapters

This is a mistake that many students often do. They tend to neglect certain chapters that they think are easy. They only maintain their focus on hard chapters and keep on revising them. It sometimes bounces back and students find it tough to solve those easy questions. This diminishes your scoring capacity. Make it a habit to revise all the easy chapters thoroughly before you focus more on the harder ones.

Prepare Formula List

This is a must for students studying subjects like Mathematics & Physics. In these subjects, everything is formula based. Even if you know how to solve a particular question but you forgot the formula or applied a wrong one, all Good your hard work goes wasted. So, make a formula list for each topic and place it somewhere where you see it quite often. This way these formulas will get imprinted in your mind.

Exam times are stressful for students. But with these tips and tricks, you can make your exam preparation better. Good preparation will eliminate your anxiety and you will feel more confident. Do not forget to take mid-breaks during your studies to relax your mind. Always go to study with a refreshed mind. It will help you learn and retain better.

Most importantly, “Believe In Yourself!” You will be flooded with all kinds of advice from people but do not lead to pressure. Only you know what works for you and whatnot. So keep your head clear and take proper sleep.

In the end, these are just exams and your life is much more than them. Prepare yourself and give your best. The rest will all get fine with time!

All the Best!

“Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do.” -Benjamin Spock


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