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Earn Money With Your E-Book

Are you a writer who is looking for a big break in the industry? Are you a blogger looking for some additional traffic to your websites? Or are you someone who is interested in generating some extra passive income? Whatever your reason may be, publishing an e-book is the perfect solution to all your queries.

E-books are one of the fastest-selling and growing content on the internet. They constitute around one-quarter of global book sales. E-books are cheaper to produce and are high on profit scale. Through them, you can also grow your business or website and generate additional earnings. But publishing your e-book is a tricky task. With so many platforms and options available, anyone can get easily confused about the how and the whys. Not to mention that writing itself is a demanding process after which you do not have the energy remaining to search over hundreds of webpages to find out about the best possible ways for self-publishing your e-book.

To ease out your process, we have constituted a list of some of the best e-book publishing platforms with a complete step-by-step publishing guide. It is a compilation of well-tested and proven methods to help you minimize your labor and maximize your earnings.

Let’s get started.

Google Play Books

Google has the maximum reach among all the different platforms on the internet. So, publishing your e-book on google play store is a sure short way to generating traffic. Follow the below steps to publish your e-book on this platform.

  1. Go to the book catalog.

  2. Then click on ‘Add the book’.

  3. Now it will ask for ISBN no. of your book. If you have one, then enter the details. If not, just simply click on ‘This book does not have an ISBN.’

  4. Fill all the required information about the book including the title, sub-title, book description, author description.

  5. Add the cover image for your book.

  6. Set the pricing of your book.

  7. Now on the Settings tab, configure preview.

  8. Go to Content Tab, Upload your e-book.

  9. Hit Publish.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon is the best platform for e-books. Its platform ‘Kindle’ is exclusively dedicated to e-books where you can publish yours. It is a pretty popular online bookstore on the internet.

  1. Go to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) bookshelf by surfing on

  2. Sign in using your Amazon account details.

  3. Go to your KDP Bookshelf.

  4. Click the Kindle eBook option.

  5. Enter your book details such as title, sub-title, book description, cover image.

  6. Set your pricing.

  7. Hit Publish.

Apple iBook

If you are planning to use the iBooks Store for selling your ebook, you will have to create a sample book for it. The customers will preview the sample. Based on the sample they will make the decision of whether or not to purchase the book.

To create a sample book:

  • Copy the chapters of your book that you want to show in samples.

  • Now choose File and click Export. Then click on iBooks.

  • Click Next. Name your sample. Choose its saving location, and click Export.

Now to submit the e-book:

  • Choose > Publish.

  • Click continue and to start the publishing process.

  • Click Go to iTunes Connect, Sign-in to your iTunes connect account.

  • Now download iTunes Producer.

  • Select Books. Click on Download iTunes Producer.

  • Now click iTunes Producer.

  • Install iTunes Producer on your computer.

  • In iBooks Author, Sign In with your Apple ID and password.

  • Specify whether the version of the book.

  • Create a sample chapter.

  • Click Export.

Kobo Writing Life

Kobo Writing Life is another great platform for e-book publishing and generating a passive income through it. Follow the below steps to kick-start your publishing journey with Kobo Writing Life.


  • Log in to Kobo Writing Life.

  • Click eBooks.

  • Click Create a new eBook.

  • Fill out the information on the page.

  • Click Upload your book cover.

  • Select a .jpg or .png file.

  • Edit categories.

You can upload your content file in these formats on Kobo Writing Life:

  • DOC and DOCX

  • OPD

  • ePub

  • MOBI

If your file is not already in the ePub file format, they’ll automatically convert it for you. After you have described your eBook and added your content, determined your license and availability, and set its list price, the fifth step, Publish your eBook, becomes available. You can publish your book now.

All these platforms are free. You can drive maximum profits on your e-books by publishing them on all these four platforms. They also have their dedicated publishing guide on their websites where you can get additional information about the publishing process.

Most of the publishing set-up requires only 10-15 minutes. So, do not miss out on any opportunity for a revenue source on your e-book. After all, you have worked hard for it and you deserve it!

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