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The youngest boy grown all his way on the streets being beside dogs with self-fed someway till the age of 7 becomes an extraordinary marketer on his sweet 9 years. Sounds interesting?

He had the fire of not to be a beggar as the little marketer sought after jobs to feed himself. There began the story, a small stationery vendor hires him to market his business in the locality. The collaboration addresses to circulate 100 pencils each day around the shop’s locality and the profitability can be his own earning as marketer remuneration whereas the pencils are been given to him for free to spread the stationery brand.

Days pass by, things went well. 5 working days per week, so the income gathered was just sufficient for the little marketer’s stomach needs of the whole week & this went on a cyclic respectively.

A year later, at the age of 8, he made the strongest decision. Selling nor circulating all the 100 pencils will only fulfill his tummy needs but not his future or further. So, he made a hold of 2 pencils each day by distributing 98 pencils alone every day with the accountability of 100 pencils as marketed to his boss (The Shop Vendor). The fake marketing reports given by the small boy rolled on for a year but what were the 2 pencils & where are those idle ones?

Oops, the boss found this tragedy. Fired the little marketer like anything, the entire collaboration of trust was ruined & drastically destroyed. Boss shot the words towards him & pierced the mini-heart. The actual calculation relies on 2 pencils per day which was for a year, then the number of pencils strikes 100s of people reachability. The anger of being backed by many customers loses, the boss decides to decline this unfaithful partnership.

Truth Trams Hidden!

The pencils were not stolen for self-help or for other sources of business. 2 pencils each day have been reserved by the tiny little marketer to sketch the life on the street whereas people do buy that instead of this use & throw pencils. Those sketches had the untold side of the streets nor the buyer’s portraiture so they can frame - hang them on their lovely walls of memories.

A pencil is just a pencil for many but for artists & writers, it’s a wonder of a lifetime experience. A pencil to one person can only reach one vendor on promotion but the same as when it turns into 100s of sketches with a single pencil? It makes more sense, yes! All the pencil arts had the brand name of the stationary shop bigger when the artist’s signature was subsequently smaller.

The little marketer made it a bigger business potentially!



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