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Patsy Bland, Master Educator

Patsy Bland is a successful & influential Entrepreneur in the field of Education Management and is a LinkedIn Global Goodwill Ambassador. She is a master educator who decided to become a teacher to create an impact on the education system. She has been recognized on the National Dean's List for her remarkable contribution to the field of education. Her awards & accomplishments list does not have a halt, her successful & honorable keep flowing endlessly.

Excellence In Education & Social Service:

  • Who's Who Among American College Students

  • The National Honor Society

  • Who's Who Among American Teachers

  • Teacher of the Year - St. Ignatius Catholic School

  • Book For Peace 2019 Special Award

  • Naifa Maruf Foundation

  • LinkedIn Wonder Woman

  • Global Goodwill Ambassador

Patsy Bland has always been intrigued by learning. She shared a deep passion for academics which soon turned in to her career. She started her career as an Independent Education Consultant in Ankara Turkey where she developed and delivered cultural and language immersion programs for multiple commercial and government agencies and played a key role in support of the country's objective to westernize and open up to outside investments. Patsy then became a high school teacher, for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DODDS), United States Air Force where she provided education, mentorship, and leadership to a diverse high school community consisting of military dependents, as well as, dependents of diplomats from both, American and third-country missions stationed in the nation's capital.

After servicing in Ankara Turkey for over four years, Patsy moved to California where she worked as Assistant Director, Child Development Center, and HRO Assistant, United States Air Force. Her outstanding services led to the first-ever national accreditation of the base's early childhood development program.

After igniting the young minds with the fire of knowledge in Ankara Turkey & California, Patsy then went on to the United States Air Force, Aviano Air Base, Italy, where she developed and delivered an engaging curriculum for high school students. It fostered an appreciation of the host country's culture within the student body by the integration of local artistic techniques within the teaching modules.

After delivering her exceptional values in abroad countries, Patsy came back to her home country the USA. She started working as a fourth-grade parochial school teacher. Here, she provided a challenging learning environment for children coming from widely divergent cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds and supported them in their all-round development. She continued advancing in her career and went on to teach fifth and ninth-grade students in Prince George’s Public Schools and Seton Private Homeschooling respectively. Patsy encouraged young minds to think creatively and innovatively. She emboldened pupils to become the best version of themselves by inducing the values of co-operation, kindness, honesty, compassion, optimism, and mutual respect in her students. Her positive soul touched the heart of every child that she ever taught. Her passion for teaching resulted in her becoming an entrepreneur. At present, she is playing numerous roles in Education as a global online educator, consultant, mentor, coach, along with editing of various children's books, research papers, Resumes/CVs, and professional writings.

She is a kind being who has been active in various volunteer activities throughout her career. Her social services have been President of the Aviano Community Enlisted Spouses Club. She volunteered as a Postal Mail Sorter at the Aviano AFB, Italy Post Office. She is a benefactor to several charitable organizations and an avid supporter for the Fight for Life Foundation. Patsy has generously tutored students and supported various humanitarian organizations in her local Community and supported numerous events at her local Church to raise money for charitable causes. Some of her notable volunteer contributions include:

  • Benefactor - Little Sisters of the Poor

  • Benefactor - Vietnam Veterans of America

  • Benefactor - Salvation Army Thrift Store

  • Benefactor - Goodwill Industries International

  • Benefactor - Catholic Relief Services

  • Education Volunteer - Church & Community Development For All People

  • Supporter - Fight For Life Foundation

  • Humanitarian - Global Goodwill Ambassador

  • Participant - March For Life Action

  • Participant - Naifa Maruf Foundation

Patsy is a benevolent person who always believes in giving back to society. Her professional works from being a teacher to an entrepreneur and her community services from being a President of a social club to a benefactor, each of her deed is evidence of her commitment towards the societal upliftment. Patsy is among those noble personalities who have led their life not for them but for humanity & mankind.

Patsy believes that the education system has the power to build beautiful and meaningful lives. And she constantly devotes herself to make this possible. In her own words, she says:

“If we recognize the need to improve the quality of education, then we may become a teacher to affect change. There's a lot of work to be done these days, but it is the collective effort of thousands of dedicated teachers, around the globe, that will make the most difference. If we are driven by the desire to help those around us, being a teacher is an invaluable contribution. Teaching is one of the most direct ways to make an impact.”

Patsy holds an overall experience of 30+ years in teaching. And to her, that’s the only thing that she wants to continue doing till the very end. Today she is using the power of social media, LinkedIn, and online teaching to reach out to students to the fullest extent. As a teacher, her aim is to make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible through her values.

Throughout her career, she has interacted with many students at all stages of development and from all walks of life. Her impact extends far beyond the classroom. She excels in making her students feel comfortable and open with her and engages with them on a personal level. She has helped many children struggling with low self-esteem by making them realize their true potential. For her students, she is a constant force of motivation and inspiration. She instills hope, imagination, and a love of learning in her students.

She views teaching as a job that allows her to take part in shaping the next generation. Some of her favorite quotes to her students are: “Practice makes Perfect.”. Every day, she mentors and encourages students in such a way that when they walk out from the classroom, they, “Think about becoming an Inventor!”

Patsy has an endless list of rewards & honors to her name but to her recognitions are not that important. Her mission is to serve as many lives as possible. And for her, the only recognition that matters is how many and how deeply she has touched the lives of people around her.

Patsy is an exemplary influence for many people who have dreams to make an impact on this world. Her work is a legacy that she will leave behind for many - many years to come through her students.

Muthu Krishnan & Team salutes the constant efforts and values that Patsy Bland is evoking in this world. We hope that Patsy’s journey has inspired you to contribute your own unique values in making this world a better place.

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” - Patsy Bland


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