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Pets & Poops, the prized possessions!

“Pet, a man’s best friend.”

Those cuddly creatures, that coming wagging their tails, drooling over us, in need of warm hugs. Playful and naughty as they can get, they are active and affectionate also. Whether they are cats or dogs, having a pet implies you have entered a whole new world.

Pets do not symbolize luxury, as mistaken by many! They are an opportunity to share your love and gratitude to nature. To flaunt your earnings, buy some luxury cars or villas, not pets. If you have the heart to accommodate these lovable creatures, only then decide to be a proud pet owner. Cities are seeing a surge in the pet-ownership percentage. Many people are coming forward to extend shelter to many homeless pets. Online portals have opened up which helps people choose their favorite breed. Stores with merchandise that serve all the needs of pets have also been on the rise.

There is an enormous variety of pet-food available these days. From raw food to organic food, flavored and therapeutic food varieties are available to suit every pet’s needs. Extra care is taken to also customize food orders from pet owners who have specific requirements. Pet owners should not be stingy to spend on good quality food for their pets. Wrong choices or poor quality would lead to ill-health of the pets. They are creatures of silent expression, who would just crunch in pain if unwell. So, always be open to the best choices of food for them.

People with pets are generally very possessive about them, and treat them as their children. Recent studies have proved that being involved in pet-care is highly effective for treating depression, isolation, and lowered self-esteem. If a friend or a family member is suffering from trauma or depression. Gifting the company of a pet is a lovable gesture. In the company of these highly faithful beings, anyone can eventually recover from their issues.

Similarly, pets, too suffer from depression on the loss of their beloved owners or when they become homeless, etc. There are some painful instances of abuse in the hands of pet owners.

This pure sadism and such individuals should be behind the bars. Showing physical power over them in the name of training them is a pure atrocity. If a pet needs to be trained and you as a pet-owner are unable to do so. Then it is suggestable to seek professional help. Many expert pet-trainers will help you handle this task with ease.

Understanding your pet and giving it time to adapt to your home is very crucial in the initial phase of pet-adoption. If you force it or threaten to quickly blend into the ways of your place. Then, it will be a sore mistake that you may regret later. Just like people, animals too, have their ways to perceive an ambiance and understand the people around them. Give your pets that space to grow and get acquainted with you. Once, they know the real you, a loving pet owner who is eager to embrace the new member into the family, you can expect leaps of joy and barks of love!

People may betray or deceive us, but never a pet. Always there to usher us into a land of trust and love, pets remain loyal as long as they live. A glance at them, and their eyes brim with selfless love. These wordless actions would melt away all the inexpressible pain in our hearts. Ten minutes of play with them and we would feel so grateful for the abundance of joy showered on us.

You may not be an ardent pet-lover, but you can always choose to show love and care towards them. And as pet-owners, you can always choose to care more for pets and not flaunt them as a sign of prejudice.

“Those who teach us the most about humanity, aren’t always human.”


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