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Qualification To Succeed!

Career plans, shifting jobs, choosing a course to graduate, planning to start a business? What, in your opinion, is the best qualification for success? Pause a little before you answer that! Because we are bringing forth a mind-blowingly informative ebook on some of the most successful personalities. And guess what? Most of them are college or school drop-outs! Shocking isn’t it! To know more about these intriguing personalities, grab your copy of our ebook - “Closer to Success, Farther from Education”, now available on Amazon Kindle & Google Play Books.

Yes, there is no fixed qualification that can guarantee your success. In the wise words of Ben Sweetland, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” What matters more is how we pursue this journey and what are the driving factors for us, individually. Formal education has its own paramount importance in shaping a personality but it cannot be identified as the one and only reason for the success of an individual. Controversial as it may sound, but that is a hard reality. We have to face it and accept it.

A person is more than his marks can define him. His graduation or an institute name cannot decide the deservedness of success in one’s life. The world is a beautiful amalgamation of intellectuals and creative minds.

It is not always about competition but it is about finding your calling! Where is your true calling? Have you found it? Are sure of your career choices? Twenty years down your life, when you turn back will you have any regrets of not being able to say a “NO” to social and peer pressure? Introspect and find your answers. Discuss it with your family.

We are against anyone who chooses to be lazy and sheepish. We admire the efforts of the educational fraternity to make future citizens much better. But, there is a thin line of difference here! What is that line? How did these inspiring personalities find their path? Was it easy? Where did they draw motivation from? Fetch all the answers to your questions in this thought-provoking e-book of Closer to Success, Father from Education.”

We are sure it will help you gain clarity to decide and shape your path of success. Choose wisely. It is your gifted life, a golden opportunity to become the best version of yourself. Draw inspiration from your contemporaries and get to know them a bit deeper. A gentle peek into the experiences shared by them will leave you spell-bound, at what can be achieved when you make a prudent choice.

Our ebook is an eye-opener to few and a hope to many more!


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