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Create & Manage Your Stunning Wiki Page

A Wikipedia page is a great source for establishing a brand identity for your business. When a user searches for some information online, he does not have to scroll much before a Wikipedia page automatically shows up in his feed. To generate an organic top rank on Google search there is no better platform than Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a recognizable and trusted go-to website for millions of users. So, a Wiki page of your business can help in growing your business manifold.

Now you must be eager to know how to create a Wiki page for your business. But hold on before you dive into the 'how' let us first understand its do’s and don’ts. They will ensure that your page does not contradict Wikipedia’s guidelines and does not get deleted.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia where anyone can create, edit, or add their pages of information and knowledge. The topics can vary to any range. Before creating your own Wiki page for your business you must have a strong reason for it. Do not try to directly promote your products on your Wiki page. Before creating your Wiki page make sure that either your business has an industry-changing technology or its founder is a notable person. If you do not find any information regarding your technology on Wikipedia, you can start to work on it.

It is important to have a strong ‘why’ because Wikipedia only includes those pages that are worth notable as per its policies. Do your research well and make sure your content aligns with Wikipedia Community guidelines.

6 Steps for Creating a Wikipedia Page

1. Create an account

Creating an account on Wikipedia is pretty easy. Go to their homepage. You will see a “create an account” option. Click on it. Fill the necessary details and done!

2. Become an Auto-Confirm user

Before creating your page, you need to become an autoconfirmed user on Wikipedia first. The general requirement for becoming an autoconfirmed user is that your account should be more than four days old and you have made at least 10 edits in existing Wikipedia pages.

Once you have created your account spend some days editing other pages on Wikipedia. You will see the “Edit a page” option. On clicking it you will see edit option in the top right corner of every paragraph. Edit pages and become an autoconfirmed user.

3. Create your Wiki Page

Now you are on the step of creating your own Wiki Page for your business. Go to “Writing an Article” page on Wikipedia. There you will see a blue button “Article Wizard.” Click on it. Now Wikipedia’s Article Wizard page will open up. It will display two options - ‘Next’ to immediately start creating your page or ‘Wikipedia Sandbox’ to practice editing your page in Wikipedia Sandbox.

Here, you need to keep in mind that all the information that you enter on your page should be unbiased. It should have proof in the form of published articles in reputed newspapers, magazines, books, etc. All the content that you put on your page should have third-party verification from websites, articles, videos, or any printed material.

Make sure that the information you provide on the page is easy to read and understand. Include an overview, table of contents, and information in the paragraphs with clear headlines. Include images for a better look. But make sure that you own the images that you use. You can also use images that are not subject to copyright. Keep your content informative that provides awareness.

4. Provide Sources

After creating the content, now is the time to cite your sources from where you have gathered your content. Your sources should be reliable and have a reputation for fact-checking. Social Media, Press Release, etc. do not qualify for this. Look for news pieces where your company was mentioned. You can include other websites that backlink your address.

5. Submit Page for Review

Once you are finished writing your page, submit it to Wikipedia for review. The review process can take several days or even weeks. After Wikipedia approves it as a credible page, your page will be uploaded as an official Wikipedia Page.

6. Maintain Regularly

Your Wikipedia page is open for editing to anyone with a Wikipedia account. So, you need to keep visiting it regularly to maintain it. Make sure you update your page for any company’s development that occurred after the creation of your page. It will promote transparency and retain the credibility of your page.

In this digitalized era where one keyword search on Google displays hundreds of related web pages, it has become competitive to reach to your potential customers on Google. However, an organic top rank on Google about your business from a trusted third party can do wonders for you. So, get going in the process of creating a stunning Wiki Page for your business. It is a long term investment that will bear such fruits that you have never ever imagined of.


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